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Seeking Disney Cruise advice

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  • Seeking Disney Cruise advice

    On Saturday my family (son, almost 4; daughter, almost 6, going on 26, wife [she'd kill me if I told] ) will be headed from the generally rainy and generally cool Seattle area (mid-50's today) to warm and relatively humid Orlando for a night, followed the next five days aboard a Disney cruise ship. Mid-80's for highs; mid-70's for lows predicted.

    Decided to do "cruise only" vs. cruise + 3 fun-filled, exhausting days at DisneyWorld + a hasty trip back to Seattle followed by work and kindergarten the next day. Having been to West Coast Disneyland a few times as well as DisneyWorld, reckoned it might be a little too much "fun overload" (for parents as well as kids) to include the theme park(s). So just the boat trip.

    The kids are first time cruisers; my wife and I have taken two cruises, but one didn't count since it was our honeymoon. Did you know the question asked most frequently by cruise ship passengers is, "What time is the midnight buffet?" (Go figure.)

    Anyway, if you've done long (4+ hour) airplane flights with kids this age, or been on a cruise with kids this age, or taken a Disney cruise specifically, I'd appreciate any wisdom, hints, "watch-out-for's," "don't forget to take"-type recommendations / suggestions from folks more (or even less) seasoned in this type of adventure than me.

    If you'd done "none of the above," weigh in with your thoughts and suggestions anyway!

    A picture of me going down the Mickey Mouse slide into the pool?

    Well, maybe not. Don't want to discourage anyone!

    Thanks in advance. Look forward to sharing how it all turns out. Should be a memorable time.


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    Hi Danny,

    Haven't been there - done that. But I'd like to wish you a very enjoyable time.



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      Thanks, Ed. Truly appreciate your kind words. Should be a hoot.

      Don't know who's more excited: The kids or the parents (enjoying the kids' excitement.)


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        For get the numbers, plan on it being hot and muggy. Lots of sun here, not much rain of late. This is our dry season. I haven't been on the Disney cruise but I see the commercials all the time. Looks like it's set up so you can have time to yourselves as well as time with the kids. A true parents dream vacation. Lots to do lots to eat and lots of fun. Disneyworld is a blast if you plan on going there at all. Get there early and always head to the most popular rides first while the crowds are still small. They have it pretty well worked out so your waiting in line is pretty interesting and fast moving so that's good. Big reminder here....Lots and Lots of sunscreen. 15 minutes of the Florida sun is equivalant to a couple hours of sun up north. Not an exaggeration. We got fried our first trip to Florida and it ruined several days of our vacation. That's about it. Most of all have fun and take some good shots to show us.


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