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    I need some help with Illustrator. I have someone asking me about a problem with this error "When spot color are used with transparency, changing them to process colors outside of illustrator can generate Unexpected result" We know why the error shows. But how do we fix our graphic so we do not get the unexpected results (in our case it is a blotchy print). Can we do some type of conversion? Change a setting? or anything to fix this problem.


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    Re: Illustrator Question

    Spot colors cannot be reproduced using a standard CKMK process. They require extra colors in the mix, such as green and orange, to be reproduced in print. In offset printing this requires extra film and plates resulting in significant additional cost. There is no no way to convert these colors into a standard CMYK color profile. Spot colors are often created from secret formulas which is why governments use them in money, business will use them in trademarking and branding, and even universities will use them for school colors.


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      Re: Illustrator Question

      Have you tried going from Spot color to White (or black) as a gradient? White sometimes can act as a mask for the spot color giving the illusion of a transparency.

      I know it is all the rage these days to use gradients and halftones in a logo, but I'm telling you, you'll run into trouble down the road. If everything were printed in 4 color process or everything went to the web it would be ideal, but companies often have to print their logo on items that require silk screen, embroidery, die stamp, hot stamp, pad print, and other print methods. Gradients and halftones sometimes cannot be printed at all using some of these methods.

      If you are designing corporate logos, PLEASE create a simplified or stylized version suitable for 1to 4 SPOT color printing. Keep halftone screening to a minimum. I've been in the ad specialty business for 25 years and have had to set up artwork for print on everything from silk ties to mud flaps. It used to be easy, but now with everyone playing logo designer "because they can", it is increasingly difficult to explain why the design that the client's daughter created, with that beautiful sunset gradient that looks so wonderful on their web page, cannot be duplicated on a key tag or ball point pen.


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