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  • Collage or Montage

    This is just to test members views on the difference (if any) between these words.

    I was always under the impression that a collage was a picture made up of bits and pieces of other pictures (such as some of Greg's pictures). In this case the components lose their original identity when viewing the picture as a whole.

    A montage on the other hand is a grouping of pictures in which each of the individual pictures still maintain their original identity (such as my Kaokoveld montage). There may be pleasing lines and groupings, but each picture stands on its own (this maybe an example)

    I see some dictionaries make these words synonymous, but I feel this, is incorrect as is in the case of making information and knowledge synonymous.

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    I personally see collage as a subset of montage.
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      Al, when I think about it, I make the same distinction you do. And yet I often find myself using the words interchangably. (Not that I use them THAT often! ) As I'm learning more, I do try to make a distinction though.

      But then I wonder, how would you classify the photo that Sandra did for her client - merging the daughters and mother into one photo? (I just call that a "manipulation" to avoid the whole issue. )



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        You're right Jeanie, in Sanda's case a manipulation is the best word to use. What would one use in Lisa's second montage/collage manipulation?

        Doug, I think your definition is the best.


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          We came >this< close to being the site for "retouching, restoration, and montage".
          Learn by teaching
          Take responsibility for learning


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            Wow, isn't life strange.


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              Originally posted by BigAl
              What would one use in Lisa's second montage/collage manipulation?
              I would call that "art".


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                I've always thought of a collage as elements pasted together to form a new picture. The old way was to actually take hard copy and cut and paste, interweaving the outlines and overlapping them, sometimes even in a shape outline as a "frame" to go with the theme of the subject matter.

                These days, with computers, I think of collage as having elements combined with use of blend modes and overlays and fades and such.

                I think I hold the same distinction between the two as BigAl.

                Merely an opinion.


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