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  • I got a code

    I'm fighting some nasty virus that has my nose running the triathalon and my throat so sore I don't want to breathe. Amazing how something like this sucks the work ethic right out of you.

    Anyway, apologies if some of my posts are a bit abrupt for the past/next couple of days.
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    Take responsibility for learning

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    It could be worse...

    During a recent trip to Mexico it wasn't "my nose" running a triathalon nor my throat that was sore. Though you're feeling lousy, bull-eeve me it could be much, much worse.

    In any event get better fast! A chipper Doug is a lot better than a feeling-puny-Doug any day!

    Take care...


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      Hope you feel better. For the common cold I use that Zicam when I first feel it starting and I haven't had a cold in about a year now. I've had the starts of them but they never get past the sore throat stage. Even if I take it late it seems to lessen it greatly. If it's something other than a cold or flu though I don't think it will work.


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        Try some of Big Al's winter warmer ...make it REALLY spicy and your cold will be gone in no time! (other possible side effects may occur )


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          viruses to die for

          There was something particularly insidious this year in Oregon. I was sick most of feb and Mar., and still have a runny nose. I lost my voice for part of the episode too.
          The damn cat didn't know what to think of me.


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            Does he know what to think of you now?
            Learn by teaching
            Take responsibility for learning


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                ...and still have a runny nose. I lost my voice for part of the episode too.
                I hate to think what the inside of your turban must look like, Greg2.


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                  Originally posted by BigAl

                  I hate to think what the inside of your turban must look like, Greg2.

                  Don't wear one,but you should see what some over in the middle east do in theirs.


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                    Originally posted by Doug Nelson
                    Does he know what to think of you now?
                    She's pissed at me now, as I put drops in her ears and she hates it.


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