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Hello to all the RetouchPro gang

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  • Hello to all the RetouchPro gang

    Looking to upgrade my retouching skills and this site looks like a great place to hang out. Just finished 2 years of photography studies at the local college so I have a general understanding of CS2. I just need some practice! I'll take a stab at one of the challenges soon.


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    Re: Hello to all the RetouchPro gang

    Welcome aboard, BPDoug. Enjoy!


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      Re: Hello to all the RetouchPro gang

      Great to have you... Look fwd to seeing some of your work.

      In your photo studies did you do anything with film or slides or just digital?


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        Re: Hello to all the RetouchPro gang

        Hi Danny.
        We spent the first year (sep05-apr06) mainly on film and mainly on the 4x5 view camera. Developed and printed in the darkroom. While we were off for the summer they converted the darkroom into a computer lab full of Macs and the second year (sep06-apr07) we were into digital photography and photoshop big time although we still used the 4x5 for interior & exterior architecture using E6 (Echtachrome). Over the two years we covered advertising (products), portraits (all kinds), food, macro, architecture, multimedia applications (flash, powerpoint), and of course a multitude of lighting scenarios. (just a shortlist)
        The last two years are just a blur and I wonder how it went so fast!
        - Doug


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