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  • India and Pakistan

    ... are the last two places on earth I would want to be right now.

    The strangest thing I have read all week is how neither the Indians nor Pakistanis, can understand why the United States and Russians are so concerned about the possibility of nuclear war. Let's see....neither country has any sort of fail-safe system, they have a million troops staring at each other across borders, and neither side seems to have a real grasp of just what a nuclear war really means. It's a mad world...

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    It might not sound PC but I don't care. People in the middle east are not like us westerners (includes us and Europe) they do not value life the way we do. Look at Africa, there are always people dying in wars and famin, and not one succesful African nation, South Africa is close but not there yet.
    It's funny in a way because if we werent' here, I feel the whole world would fall apart. The worlds police man, because only we have the three things needed to keep peace. Commitment, Power, and the morale fortitude to go where no one else will. Even civilized Europe would have let all those folks go on dying in Bosnia if we had not stepped up. One would think that counties would watch and learn, adopt a constitution just like ours, where religeon has no place in the government, a rule of law society, rights for the individual, and a few other touches and get it together.
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      It's all connected

      Yeah, this is going to be a bloody mess. It is India, China, Russia, and the West against the Radicalized Islamists of Central Asia, The Middle East, and Africa. And of course right into Asia and the Pacific. Get your sons ready (I've got 3), AND say your prayers.


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        Trouble is, things could easily escalate since that is not the only spot in the Middle East that is on the verge of war. And I too would like to say "if they want to destroy themselves so be it" but for the fact that they hold the worlds oil supply by the throat. Any war in that region can draw others with huge econimic interests into it and before you know it, you have the makings of the 3rd world war. As much as we would like to say we are totally removed from their conflicts, we are not. Look what happens to the stock market when war is mearly hinted at.

        I do however think that Religion in the wrong hands is a dangerous weapon. I also believe it's these radical groups that are escalating these situations for the very purpose of creating a massive world conflict. I have one child, a 17 year old son and I am worried about his future.


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          Originally posted by fugitive
          It might not sound PC but I don't care. People in the middle east are not like us westerners (includes us and Europe) they do not value life the way we do.
          I would not say that. I think many people in the Middle East DO value life, but they are rarely heard from due to the extremists in power. All Muslims are not radicals.

          You also stated that "One would think that counties would watch and learn, adopt a constitution just like ours, where religion has no place in the government...". This is unlikely since secularism is an alien concept to even moderate Muslims. Furthermore, many Muslim countries have adapted at least the outward appearance of being "Westernized". Look at Saudi Arabia. The problem is, it's ONLY a facade and it only benefits a small minority. The average Saudi has seen the rich get richer and take on the trappings of western civilization, while he has remained just as poor. It's no wonder that the most radical elements of Islam recruit from the poorest citizens.

          Gerry - It is a big mess, especially when you consider the complex web of countries involved. India and China have skirmished over their common border on numerous occasions. Pakistan is our traditional Cold War ally and we need them to help contain Al-Queda...but we also have strong economic and military ties to India. It is indeed a mess, but I think the current leaders of these countries are at least somewhat sane...I think things will be ok if they can contain the more radical elements.


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            India & Pakistan

            We are all so convinced that we have God in our box, and we need to stand up for what is right. We have to project our values onto people who have no frame of reference. We are always ready & willing to keep up our end of the fight, and the beat goes on. And I think you can forget Pakistan as our ally once this heats up. In the end, the radical elements there will prevail.
            Or as the British Soccer Chany goes, "What God Wants God Gets, God Help Us All." Arrrgh!
            To quote Rodney King after the LA Riots of the early 1990's, "Why can't we all just get along?"
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