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    Hi all,

    My name is Andi Hazelwood, I'm a photography/retouching enthusiast that has lurked around this site for ages but never posted - before now!

    I'm an American living in Australia, just in the process of moving from rural Queensland into a town of 50,000 (this after living in San Diego and Atlanta- big and bigger- and working professionally in commercial radio).

    Anyway, just thought I'd say hello and tell you how valuable I find this site- I've been introduced to countless photography and retouching "stars" just by reading here. Thanks! And nice to meetcha

    Andi Hazelwood

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    Re: lurk mode off

    Hi Andy,

    Welcome to RetouchPro, glad you decided to stop lurking and join in.

    Look forward to seeing your posts in the forums.


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      Re: lurk mode off

      Thanks Gary! I love retouching and photography but don't give either the kind of priority in my life that I'd really like to - hopefully getting involved here will change that!



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        Re: lurk mode off

        Welcome aboard, Andi! Have fun and Enjoy!


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          Re: lurk mode off

          Thanks for that Swampy! I love spending time here and seeing all the different ways to do things- I'm really looking forward to learning how to do them FASTER. Everything takes me sooo long!


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