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  • Every restorer's most important tool

    I am, of course, speaking of coffee. The elixer of life.

    I'm partial to a Kona blend I get at the grocery store (I know, true afficianados will be cringing here). I used to make it in a french press, but it didn't make enough (!) and it got cold too soon, so I switched over to the ubiquitous Mr. Coffee (more cringing).

    I did buy a coffee mill, though. A real one, with conical burrs, not one of those bladed chopper gizmos, so now I grind my own and keep the whole beans in the freezer.

    Without coffee and netradio (another essential) I'd never make it through the simplest restore.
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    I would have to say coffee in the morning (helps me wake up) and then by the time the evening arrives, a nice cold beer helps



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      non-coffee drinker


      I strongly object to the concept of “coffee” being the fuel that drives us all. My total consumption of coffee is one sip. This was only because you cannot condemn something if you do not try it.

      Since my early childhood, I have not liked coffee flavored items of any kind.

      I have nothing against coffee drinkers. In fact, I have been making my wife’s fresh ground breakfast coffee for almost forty years.

      I am a tea drinker and I feel that we are always getting second-class treatment relative to coffee drinkers. It is rare when a restaurant offers us additional cups as refills, rather than being charged again. Also, we almost never get brewed tea regardless of the price of the restaurant. I could go on.

      I think that it is fine that most people get a fantastic coffee jump-start every day. However, you should all realize that it is not the only game in town, or even the better one.

      Maybe we should start of topic for “pet peeves”-----just for fun. I’m sure that I’m not alone in having very strange thoughts on many things. Just ask my wife.



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        Sounds like you would be in you glory on a visit to Britian where coffee drinkers are the minority. We had a British friend who as for tea and almost choked when it came in a glass with ice and lemon. That's considered sacriligous there.

        I love my coffee in the morning but here's a real cringer , I drink DECAF. How bad is that? If I don't, I usually am pretty sorry for it after a few cups and I turn into a human vibrator. Just can't handle the buzz anymore. I'm getting old.



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          Just Trying out the Bells and Whistles
          I am very lucky. My husband has always makes the coffee( Don Francisco-Hawaiian Hazelnut) in the morning. He wakes up at 5 when he hears the papers being thrown into our driveway and I gratefully accept getting coffee delivered in bed sometime after 6 -hot,cold,stale-whatever as long as it's caffeine.( he prefers green tea). I'm more particular when it comes to the second cup or coffee during the day. I'll tell you a cute story. When I was expecting our kids-way back when- I was nauseated by the thought of drinking coffee. However, once they arrived I think I requested a cup of coffee before I even asked whether it was a girl or boy( we have one of each). We also have two grandcats but that's another story.Okay, time to get to work on the new challenge! Paulette


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            good tea


            You are right about the English tea. I have relatives in London that we have visited many times. I like the way the English use a cozy to keep the pot warm.

            However, there is more to good tea than English tea. I get some of my best teas in a great teashop in NYC’s Chinatown. Some sell for as much as a$1000/oz. Fortunately, it is so light that it does not cost very much. Many of these are not every day teas, but the are such a treat when you are in the mood for something special.



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              To Paulette,

              Arn't you the spoiled pampered one. I am green with envy!! Coffee in bed....oh that would be a treat.

              To Alan,

              My favorite teas are actually chinese teas. I love oolong and a tea called gun powder, don't know if you heard of it. My husband likes Lapsong shuchong (?spelling?) but I could never get past the old shoe smell.



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                Okay I'll fess up...I'm addicted to cappucino preferably the english toffee flavor.. when I go to town I treat myself to the biggest cup I can get. It's just the best!... When at home though it's nothing for me to whip through a pot of coffee all by myself then on to diet pepsi... and no I'm not bouncing off the walls
                I guess caffeine just doesn't affect me like that, I just enjoy the taste and flavor.


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                  Oh yes, arn't those capaccinos great? My favorite was the Mocha Grande until I found out they were like 400 calories. I started making my own at home and got my Mom hooked on them now. Some of them are more like desserts. I shouldn't have read that one cause now I want one.



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                    The very, very best is good thick Cajun chickory coffee....First Choice, French Market, second Cafe du Monde, and any other chicory blend follows.

                    We are total addicts here at the "cathouse."



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                      Oh DJ,

                      You would have to mention all the calories in those capaccinos I'd almost forgotten about it...and I tried really hard to forget

                      I also like espresso for those moments when I need a real boost!


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                        Sorry Chris LOL


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                          Can't stand it - coffee

                          Can't stand coffee myself, never could. Even in the Navy when I worked mid-watches and everybody else around me lived on the stuff. I was also low man on the totem pole for about six months and had to frequently make it for our shop.

                          Here's a tip, never make somebody who doesn't drink coffee - make the coffee.

                          To speed the operation, I would just open the top and dump new grounds in over the old. Only when the lid could not be closed would I dump out the old filter & grounds. :p


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                            Coffee Bad

                            I guess I'll put my two cents in. I've never been able to drink coffee either. I've tried it a couple times (surely it must be good--everyone loves it) but with zero success. :o My preference in the morning is a tall glass of O.J. (but with no pulp--can't stand pulp!).

                            For a caffiene fix I usually go for Dr. Pepper.


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                              hey alan,

                              we have a nice long growing season down here and many an oriental plant has thrived. (witness friend kudzu). please send me the name(s) of those teas they're getting $1000/oz for.


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