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  • crop circles?

    Just had to stop what I was doing to tell you of my last 3 days of Photoshop hell.

    Part of my current brief for a client revolves around scanning his brochure and artwork into my machine before cleaning it up for reformatting. During the process I needed to make some alterations using the crop tool, dragging my selection to size I set my computer to work. This is where my problems started, after 10 mins of straining it would decide that it was too much and lock up. This was not as much as a surprise as it may have been as I had only just gotten over a bout of not enough scratch disk space after accidently (unwittingly) filling my hd to capacity

    Thinking that I had crippled my computer and its weedy 128mb ram, I feverishly set about uninstalling with vigour, I have since recovered about 6gb from my computer. Feeling smug with my housekeeping (and promising myself I would defrag NEXT time ) I booted up Photoshop expecting my old lightening fast computer back. I began the scanning process again, used the ruler tool to straighten it then began the cropping process. Dragged selection as normal and waited for it to complete it in a jiffy - it froze again!!

    It was at this point that I noticed the fixed size box was filled in with a size of 210in - I had obviously been working to a set pixel size previously and then reset the preferences back to default resulting in the units changing from pixels to inches doh!

    Is it just me that was beaten with the stupid stick at birth or has anyone else got mind numbing acts of stupidity to console me with?

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    Click here and check THIS out

    I sat there pulling down menus and feeling like a complete idiot for I don't know how long.

    And after it was all over, one of our kind and oh so thoughtful fellow RP members PM'd me to remind me that my whole encounter was preserved in cyberspace for time eternal. Also mentioning that she had had "senior moments" too, but just not quite as publicly.

    My own stupid stick is lying right here next to my cane, walker and rocking chair...


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      I bought a new iMac just before Christmas and in my haste to get it home, I agreed to take the display machine.

      Well, iMac's come with dual boot (OS9 and OSX) since I don't have any software that will run under OSX, I didn't even try to boot into OSX. About a month later, I decided to boot into OSX to see what all the hype was about.

      To my horror, I found that the OSX side of things was corrupt and I couldn't get back out of it.

      I searched for the disks that should have come with the computer and couldn't find them. I called the store and they didn't have them either. I borrowed a set of disks, but they didn't work for my machine. I called Apple support and after what seemed like hours on the phone and trying different things, they told me they would send me new disks - in about a week!!

      Ten days later, after several more phone calls, I finally got the disks and rescued my machine (there is nothing worse than having a new computer and not being able to use it)

      I got up and running again and all was well. Then, while looking for some other disk, I came across a full set of disks that were originally packed with my computer - some DUMMY (me) had put them away in a safe place rather than adding them to the tottering pile of disks on the corner of the desk.

      Don't tell the Apple tech support people - I'm sure they would recommend sending the whole machine back to them as I'm too stupid to own a computer!

      Take care,


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        nope you all got me beat.... well there was that time as a lad that I peed on the electric fence


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          Originally posted by rondon
          nope you all got me beat.... well there was that time as a lad that I peed on the electric fence
          ooooh thats gotta hurt..

          - David


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            Originally posted by rondon
            nope you all got me beat.... well there was that time as a lad that I peed on the electric fence
            Hence the name of the thread then, I that case.


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