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  • Just to say hello!

    Hi all!

    I've been exploring this site and I think it's a very great place for learning new retouching techniques.
    Since a couple of years I'm photographing models. I've learned a lot of techniques from professional retouchers... but there's so much more there can be learned! And this might be the right place for that.
    Since a couple of months now I have my own photostudio.

    I'm looking forward for everything I can learn from this site and you all!

    Dennis Uittenbroek

    More about my studio:
    (Sorry.... It's in dutch.... )

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    Re: Just to say hello!

    Hi Dennis,

    Welcome to RetouchPro.

    Had a very quick look round your site, nice work.

    Enjoy yourself here, look forward to seeing you in the forums.


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      Hello all!
      Junior Member
      by 12dstring
      Hi everyone,

      I found this site yesterday... and can't believe it's been missing from my life so far!
      I've been looking through all the tutorials, and have learnt so much already. They teach really useful core techniques, rather than the usual specific things on many other sites....
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    • LingTina
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      by LingTina
      Hello everyone!

      I found this place today, and I just had to join.
      This website is amazing!

      Well, I've been doing a little retouching here and there for a while.
      I'm always ready to learn new things. I plan on learning a lot here.
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    • Kirizzma
      Hello All
      Junior Member
      by Kirizzma
      I am new to this site and wanted to say hello. I am trying to learn photo retouching. I look forward to all your help, advice, knowledge, and words of encouragement. Thanks in advance!

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      Hello ALL
      Junior Member
      by hypnomedi
      Hi all!

      Even while my main occupation is restore,retouch and manipulating pictures,
      and I sometimes saw the site when surfing the net.
      It never came into my mind of joining.
      Since a few month I purchased a Nikon D80 because I am
      also very interested in photographic...
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