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  • Hi from Bama

    I am new to this board but I've been using Photoshop for over ten years now. (In fact I still have Photoshop 6 on my PC) My major was graphic design but I work as a secretary right now. My hobby/side job is photo restoration. My husband hates it but I can literally spend hours tweaking a single square inch of photo without noticing the time pass. I wish I'd found this site years ago! I would love to learn web design as well (my focus was traditional print in school-not smart, I know). I will probably be posting some of my more difficult photo restoration attempts (and those I've been too chicken to even start on) shortly to get some fresh insight form all you wonderful people.
    Salud to all.


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    Re: Hi from Bama

    Hi, Melissa... Welcome aboard.

    BTW.. Hi from a "Nole", see you guys in Jacksonville 9/29! :-)


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      Re: Hi from Bama

      Should we start taking bets on the football game between Alabama and FSU? [probably not]

      Anyway, glad to have you join us, Melissa and hope you learn lots and have a boatload of fun doing it.

      (Gators = Florida and 'Canes = U of Miami, right Swampy?)


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        Re: Hi from Bama

        >>>>(Gators = Florida and 'Canes = U of Miami, right Swampy?)

        Yepper. Gators... we Seminoles skin 'em and use 'em as shoes. LOL


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