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  • How did YOU get here?

    I suddenly found myself curious last night about how all of you came to be here.

    I accidentally happened across a fellow retoucher online, and she was the one who mentioned it to me. Boy, was that a lucky encounter!
    Search Engine
    A friend told me
    Someone posted it on Usenet

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    Definitely the indirect route...

    I was searching the net for something like "photo art," and stumbled on a conversation (not at RP) where a couple folks were discussing the "Grain Surgery" plugin.

    Hadn't yet heard of GS and it sounded interesting, so I started another search for info on GS, during which listed the link to the RP Review Doug Nelson wrote. When I read his reaction to the first time he saw the results of the GS degrain feature (something like "Holy [xxx]"), I was motivated to read the rest of what turned out to be an excellent review. (BTW: I eventually bought GS.)

    Thoroughly impressed, I started poking around the rest of the RP site... and about 4 a.m. concluded this is a very special place.

    So, here I are...still.

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      My memory isn't good enough to remember the details, but I first found the forum months before I joined last year. I was probably searching for something related to photo restoration. I looked around and found it interesting, but wasn't ready to commit to registration, so I just bookmarked it. When I revisited later last year, it seemed to still be a friendly place as well as "chock full" of information. The "Challenges" section intrigued me enough that I had to join just to take part.


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        I was working on my first restoration for a client and didn't know where to start, so I posted a question to one of the News groups (can't remember which one). Doug responded with an e-mail inviting me to post my request for help here (and said if it wasn't time critical, I could submit it as a challenge, but alas, that wasn't possible.) Regardless, I got such a great response and when I posted my results - got even more feedback to make the final result even better... Well, you get the picture.

        Everyone's feedback was helpful and encouraging and made me want to learn even more - and I decided that THIS was a place I could learn and not be afraid of mistakes. I haven't looked back since.



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          We had another thread on this one time before, but I can't locate it. It could have been on the other site, and didn't get passed on to this one? I did find another thread (kind of unrelated) where I posted on May 26, 2001. This must have been shortly after I became a member on the old site.

          Anyhow...I remember saying at that time that I didn't remember how I got here, but I did know how to get back!! That's the important part.



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            I was reading the posts in the retouching forum of another favorite site,, and came across one that posted a link to RetouchPro. The poster mentioned how much they had learned at the site. I clicked on the link and have been hooked ever since.


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              I'm not sure where, but I saw the little yellow ducky somewhere about a year ago (from manipulation challenges) out on the web, and it had a link to here. I came here, made an entry, posted it, read the feedback, and went on my way. Recently I found the old submission and came back to see the place again and can't seem to leave.

              Not that I'm trying too hard to do so...


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                I was researching Katrin Eismans book online and wound up on her site where I discovered Retouch Pro in the links page. Thought it was one of the most unique concepts of member interaction and information sources.


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                  Hey! Everyone's getting new Avatars!


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                    I voted "accident" but only because there was no buttton for "serendipity".


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                      Originally posted by Blacknight
                      Hey! Everyone's getting new Avatars!
                      Yeah, looks like Marie is on the Spyder ride at the fair, and I saw David Kendall whizzing along in outerspace in another thread... I'm gonna need seasick pills before long... :o


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                        I voted "A friend told me", but it was partly by accident too. I had a zip disk with a couple photoshop tuts on it, when I was learning the GIMP, and there was also a couple retouchPRO challenges on it. when my dad gave me the disk he mentioned retouchPro, but I didn't really give it a second thought until I'd finished a challenge and decided to check out the site to see if the challenge was still on so I could post it.
                        Yeah, looks like Marie is on the Spyder ride at the fair, and I saw David Kendall whizzing along in outerspace in another thread... I'm gonna need seasick pills before long... :o

                        - David


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                          Hi everybody!

                          The "search engine" Altavista was my road to "il Paradiso"

                          After passing to PS, and not getting anywhere, I decided to search the "wide world" for help. Hopping from one "link" to the next, reading anything I could get my eyes on, and, of course, getting more and more confused, I landed here .... looked around and bookmarked it about 3 times just to make sure I'd find it again....

                          I "lurked" for a while, but, at the end, the kindness, warmth and generosity of everybody here, made me decide to stay.


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                            I came across this site via a link from another - for some unknown reason the web master of that site has now removed that initial link! Still, I too am so very glad to part of such a friendly and talented community.



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                              I guess I'll select "other"
                              Learn by teaching
                              Take responsibility for learning


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