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  • Colorado greetings

    Greetings from Colorado Springs. My name is Chris and just signed up this morning (while watching football) to see what I can learn from this group. About a year ago I purchased a Nikon d80 and since then, a few lenses and the new photoshop. I came here today because I feel my photoshop skills are woefully lacking and hope to pick up a few tips here and there. I am humble and am open to criticism! Please bring it on!

    My work is on Flickr at I invite you to take a look. My top 50 shots are here.

    Thank you and I look forward to learning and participating!


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    Re: Colorado greetings

    nice shots, but then again you live in a very scenic location(i luv CO btw)...welcome to the site...


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      Re: Colorado greetings

      Thank you for the welcome and yes, Colorado is a beautiful part of the country. I travel a bit and enjoy capturing beauty wherever I go.


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        Re: Colorado greetings

        Loved the pics. Long story short I was born in Denver, mostly raised in CO, moved about quite abit between Colorado and California, lastly graduated from Air Academy High.
        I lived in numerous towns in Co and So Cal.
        Am living in Vermont now missing Colorado lol.
        GO Rockies and Bronco's!!