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    I get these from a newletter, but I thought the below site was rather cute.

    explodingdog web site:
    Send Sam Brown a phrase, no matter how cryptic, and he just
    might choose it as the theme for his newest work of art.
    Although crude in style, the drawings at explodingdog are
    oddly touching, funny, and profound.

    To visit the site clickhere.


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    Well, that's certainly an interesting way to spend some time. While the drawings are primative, I found them fascinating and kept clicking on the next one to see how he would represent the next phrase.

    I'm going to bookmark that site and use some of those phrases as the stimulous for some creative writing.

    thanks for the link,


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      The drawings are primitive, but I found myself clicking the next phrase to see what he would do too. Perhaps this could be an idea for a challenge on this web site.



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