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Ouch! That really hurt!

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  • Ouch! That really hurt!

    Well, I have a bad case of "mouser's laryngitis" now.

    I was plowing part of the garden today when the plow hit a rock and wrenched my right hand. It's been getting steadily worse all day, and tonight I have it coated with Icy Hot and wrapped in an Ace Bandage and can barely move it.

    It's taking a painfully (literally) long time to write this using my left hand only and I think I'll try to "rest my voice" for a few days. Mousing and typing with just my seft hand is completely frustrating. So I'm going to just be "listening in" for a while...

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    Wow Jak. I hope you didn't do any real damage. Having your hand out of order makes life rough for sure. Especially if it's the one you use most often. Hope you get along okay, and heal quickly.



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      Sorry to hear about your wrist Jak! Please take as much time as you need to recover - you need that hand/wrist for your restoration work. If you have any arnica and/or bromelain, I'd use/take that as soon as possible to help with the healing.



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        Hey Jak, just adding my best wishes for a speedy recovery too. Keep it immobile for a day or two and if it doesn't seem improved don't hesitate to have it checked out.


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          That's no good Jak. Please look after yourself, I think I've said it before but it's worth reapeating "Housework and gardening are a hazard to your health." so I'm going to try to stay away from both.


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            I'm with Sanda on the housework and gardening!

            Hope your hand feels better soon Jak...writing all those tutorials can't be much fun with only one hand!


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              sorry to hear about that Jak, I'd recommend going to get it checked out in case you've sprained it or torn something. hope you get better soon!

              - David


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                WalMart sells a heat generating thing, red package...comes in different sizes for different areas. I forget the name, but it lasts 8 hours and no chemicals contact your skin. It will actually last longer than that. My mother put it on before going to bed and it gives heat for up to 12 un actual use.


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                  Jak - I should have thought of this ealier, but if it's swollen at all, you want to ice it for the first 48 hours to keep the swelling down - which also aids in healing. Then warmth after the first two days.


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                    'Ploughing' the garden Jak ! What size garden have you got ? Presumably the horses were going too fast !!