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  • CD-R business cards

    I've seen those little cd-business cards lately, and I realized that they could be really good for anybody in the photo retouching / restoration business. they can usually hold about 50 MBs, which is enough to include a fair amount of portfolio, if it's Jpeg compressed. for the cd label, you can just do what you'd do on a regular business card. this way, the possible customer not only has your details (name, business name, website etc.) but they can see examples of your work easily, which would help them make the choice between you and a competitor. they would cost more than a regular business card, but for the business they could create, it would probably be worth it. you can get the mini cdr business cards at most office / computer supplies store.

    - David

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    I have some of the beasts in front of me 80mm diameter with two edges removed so effectively its round with two flats. Handy for putting a large wrench on if they get stuck in the drive !

    My brother gave them me and says they hold about 35mb and I use them for posting files to work collegues as they fit in a standard envelope, 60mm across the flats. I'm told there is another type but I've not seen it. Expensive compared to bread and butter CDr's though.


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      Originally posted by chris h
      Handy for putting a large wrench on if they get stuck in the drive !



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        My computer assembly area Ed. Fine tuning tools in foreground !
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          Tried those business-card CD-R's for promotion for my business.

          I thought I'd share some of the feedback I got:

          - Not all CD-Rom/DVD players can reliably play this size/shape.
          - Some ppl were afraid to use them, worried they might somhow damage their hardware.
          - If you DO use any type of CD for promotion, make sure it is autorun, i.e. starting up a slideshow automatically. If you can't do this, see if you can turn it into a PDF format file.
          - Make sure it works equally well on PC and Mac platforms (remember the gamma difference!!)
          -DON'T accompny your slideshow with music...any kind of music...
          -give them an 'out' option anywhere during the show by a good visible link. No one likes feeling 'trapped inside a program.
          -Make it so that they don't have to install anything. very often ppl will use their work-computer to watch these kind of things and they might not have the rights to install any software.
          If it works as planned, it is a great medium, however, if it doesn't it gives your prospective clients the feel that you might not be as good as you want them to think..
          better no advertising than bad advertising...

          Just something to consider.


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            Can slot type cd drives cope with these discs ?


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              I haven't met anyone with a slot drive that accepts my business card CD-R's...Also most laptop CDroms seem to have trouble with them


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                This is great feedback PixelMover. Thanks for sharing it with us!


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                  I have a Pioneer slot drive but didn't want to engage in an irreversible experiment !


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