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  • The Perfect Country and Western Song

    This could have gone in the "Let's talk music" thread, but I thought it deserved a thread of it's own. Do you have a favorite country song? I guess I have more than one. "I'm so lonesome I could cry" is probably the top for me. A couple of others that I really thought were special were "The perfect country and western song" by David Alan Coe and "The old man with the horn" (I think that's the name of it) by Gene Watson. What are some of yours?


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    Since I happen to be a Country Western fan, there are so many of them that I like it's hard to think of just a few. But one song I always loved the sound and words to was The River by Garth Brooks And another one I really love is Seminole Wind by John Anderson. Maybe because it's about the destruction of the Everglades by human progress so I really relate to it but it's also got a beautiful sound to it. It's one of the few I crank up when it comes on the radio. Another is God Bless The USA by Lee Greenwood Loved that long before it represented 911.


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      I love God Bless the USA also, that always made me cry.

      I think my favorite is Willie's Pancho and Lefty. Also like many of the songs off the first Highwaymen Album. More modern favorites would be from Mary-Chapin Carpenter.

      Alabama, Oak Ridge Boys, Bocephus... can't beat em, but I still say Willie for all time favorite, maybe that's because I am a Texan at heart!

      Anyone know the old Oak Ridge Boys song "I'll be true to you" - that always makes me bawl.


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        marty Robbins .. El paso

        ann murray ... snowbird

        eddie arnold ... cool water

        anybody... green green grass of home

        george Jones ... he stopped loving her today

        Hank sn. Kawliga (spelling?).. your cheating heart

        Kentucky headhunters .. Trashy Women

        Randy Travis ... digging up bones

        Tanya Tucker ... Delta Dawn

        the Browns ... the three bells

        well thats a start


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          Did I Shave My Legs for This by Deanna Carter


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            Pretty much any..Except for the mind numbing unspeakable cacophony usually heard to eminate from the 14th level of Hades i.e., Anyone who yoddles to the accompaniment of an accordian....The almighty gave us a protection from those however...Rope and Cottonwood trees with low and sturdy limbs!! Tom


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              The Cowboy Song - Garth Brooks

              Anything by Chris LeDoux!!


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                That's a pretty short post Jak. I assume the hand is still not co-operating very well?



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                  Thanks for asking, Ed.

                  It's doing better, I'm just trying not to re-strain it. Jeanie gave me some good advice, which has been helpful, and I'm just trying to give it another day to get back to somewhere close to normal. It's still a bit stiff and feels like it's going to freeze up on me when I type with it.

                  I think that tomorrow will be my limit for keeping quiet though. Not talking is a tough one for me!


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                    Ok well I know I'm gonna get heat for this but.. I hate country music!

                    I love music.. anything but country. Classic Rock, Classical (Mozart, Beethoven, Dvorak, Haydn, etc), Jazz, New Age, World Music, Folk... you name it. I will listen to Rap before country music.

                    end of rant

                    (I shall now don my flame-proof undies in case anyone wants to tell me how crazy I am.)


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                      you're not the only one who doesn't like country music, I've also never liked it. I'll listen to almost anything else, I just can't stand country.

                      - David


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                        Speaking as a bemused observer of Country and Western music from across the pond perhaps its devotee’s could explain some of the finer points.

                        Is it compulsory to wear big hats.

                        Is anguish a component part of every song.

                        Where does C & W finish and other genres start or vice versa.

                        Why is inclusion in a song invariably fatal, lover killed by rival, flood, Union army?

                        Why are all famous C & W artists ‘great great friends’ of all other C & W artists ?

                        We have a C & W singer over here who wears big hats, big hair and cowboy clothes and hails from the derelict industrial wasteland of Liverpool. Does he qualify ?

                        Answers Please.


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                          Chris H
                          Don't bother asking... they wouldn't like you any better in Memphis... than those chaps in liverpool do...


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                            Thanks for the guidance Rondon, all these questions with slight national variations also apply to Folk singing in the UK. Here we get self styled minstrels who dress up in quasi peasant outfits and proceed to wail about life's misfortunes down on the farm when in fact they are in reality bus drivers from Manchester ! Are these 20 gallon hat men in Nashville the genuine article ?


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                              You bet your soiled knickers


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