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The Great Photoshop Race

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  • The Great Photoshop Race

    Reboot your computer. Then start Photoshop and time how long it takes to fully open and report back here. Include relevant information such as OS, CPU speed, memory, versions, etc.

    For me it was 20 seconds flat (was faster before I started adding plugins). PS7 on W2K, 256 meg of ram, 1.4ghz P4.
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    PS7, 1.4 Athlon, 1000meg ram, XP, 12-13 seconds.

    PS7 only just installed with no 'extras'


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      7.5 seconds.... with a stopwatch no less.. no plugins though.

      whoops!!!.... 1000 pardons... missed the all important "reboot computer"
      19 seconds (done twice)

      810 celeron... 383mb ram

      win / me ps7
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        I definately loose this race. 35 seconds

        I have 20 + added groups of filters such as Extensis Intellihance and Mask Pro, KPT 6 and KPT Gel, Flaming Pear, Eye Candy, Alien Skin, Redfield and lots more.

        Running Photoshop 7 on a Dell Demension 4300 with Pentium 4 processor and 256 meg ram with Windows XP.


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          1ghz Athlon, 512 ram, Win ME, PS plug-ins

          - 17 seconds

          Strangely, I closed PS, waited a minute and opened again...this time it took exactly 6 seconds....every time after that has only taken 6-8 seconds. I guess some stuff gets loaded into memory but not unloaded?


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            Photoshop 7, Windows XP, 512 MB ram, 1.6 ghz Pentium 4. 13 seconds.



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              Boy, you people have some powerful equipment.

              PS7, 733/256 P3, 33 seconds, second time 16s.

              PSP 11 seconds, see, less overhead means faster program.


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                19 seconds on Pentium 3...1.0mhz...256mb...XP

                3 third party plug-ins installed.


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                  11 seconds. AthlonXP +1800 CPU, Epox Mobo KT133A AGP chipset, 512 PC133 Ram, 200mhz System bus. O/S "Old Reliable" Win 98 SE. Photoshop 6.01 with 30 plugins
                  Hope this one doesnot blow up like the last one did. Tom
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                    10 seconds...

                    Photoshop 6.0 on dual Athlon MP 1900+'s with 512 PC2100 registered RAM, running Windows XP. I have a lot of fonts (I'm using Adobe Type Manager, so they don't clog my system-- but Photoshop still needs to read them all) which held me back a couple of seconds. (: One more stick of RAM in this machine and it's going to be perfect... I love it!


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                      17 seconds. Dell Precision 220 workstation, Win2000; 733Mz; 512 RDRAM

                      I'm with DJ though, I have 23 different 3rd party groups of plugins. Oh and PS7
                      I thought my machine was slow but I guess I'm about average.

                      and yes Greg, I closed and just restarted it.. 6 seconds.

                      You people sure do have some serious tech. Time for me to add that 2nd CPU.


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                        PS6.02: Dual PIII 1,13GHZ 133mhzFSB, 2028MB SDRAM, Win2000Pro, 4x 18,2GB U160 RAID harddrives @15K rpm.

                        6,24 sec. (oops, same mistake..after re-boot is is 9,88)

                        Note: I use Adobe Tyoe Manger, so not wasting any time reading in fonts on PS startup.

                        Also no plug-ins other than the originals installed.


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                          No Mac racers?
                          Learn by teaching
                          Take responsibility for learning


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                            I'll run it on the Mac back at work on monday


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                              15 seconds. PS7 on W2K, 768M RAM, 800Mhz P3. 650 fonts (is that a lot?), but only a couple Plug-ins.

                              5 seconds on restart.