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  • Evel Knievel

    Just read this morning of the sad passing of the stunt man,
    Whether you liked him and his stunts or not the man had some courage, and many times i have sat with my dad watching his various attempts, willing him to achieve his aim. He was a character, of which there seem very few left in this day and age
    Thoughts go to his family.
    Ironically there is a program scheduled for us to watch Christmas with this man , with one of our favorite presenters Richard Hammond (hamster)


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    Re: Evel Knievel

    Palms, I was always fascinated by him, although it always scared me to watch unless I'd heard he had made it successfully. When he said he planned to jump the Grand Canyon here in Arizona, I thought he was crazy but hoped he had some technique that would let him be successful. He never got permission to try the jump, and from what I've read recently, jumped the Snake River Canyon instead and was injured. I'm sorry that he suffered so from injuries and illnesses -- he looked to be a "shadow of the man he once had been" but he had more guts than I would ever dream of having.


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      Re: Evel Knievel

      Yes I was saddened too. I still remember the Canyon fiasco. Still that was a cool rocket. I remember (as a kid that is; 42 now) that I couldn't get enough of seeing him do these fantastic stunts. I haven't really kept up with his son though (but did enjoy the commercial that he recently was in). Still, Evel will be missed for sure. Suffer he definitely did for his particular art.


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