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  • Just joining to learn

    Hi All,
    I just joined retouchpro to learn more about Photoshop. I am new to Photoshop and i I supose you all know how difficult that is.


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    Re: Just joining to learn

    You're among friends, Canon. Everyone who uses Photoshop starts at the beginning.

    The good news is you won't have to struggle as much we did since you'll be able to draw upon our experiences and knowledge, which hopefully will enable you avoid some of the pothole along the way.

    You might want to look into the online class offerings at or Great instructors, well organized and useful content, very reasonably priced. If I had it to do over again, I'd start with something like one of these classes vs. trying to learn PS willy-nilly, shotgun approach, a tutorial here, there & everywhere. With solid fundamental skills and an understanding of the tools, underlying architecture, palettes, etc., then specialty tutorials "that assume one knows the basics" make a whole lot more sense.

    Anyway, welcome aboard and enjoy the ride.


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      Re: Just joining to learn

      welcome to the forum you will find some very helpful people here.Hope you enjoy it



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