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  • Hello from Germany

    Hello to everbody,

    I'm from Germany and I worked with Photoshop for several years in prepress.
    I changed jobs recently, I'm working for a photographer now as a retoucher and some of the stuff I have to do there is new for me, beauty retouche for example. At the moment I'm trying to extend my skills in this area.

    Because my English in not that good, I want to apologise for any mistakes in spelling, grammar and so on in advance.

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    Re: Hello from Germany

    Herzlich Willkommen hier :-)
    Hoffe du hast viel Spaß und kannst noch etwas lernen.

    Zeig doch mal ein paar Arbeiten von dir :-)



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      Re: Hello from Germany

      Welcome, you are in the right place to learn retouching, I have learn a lot from many people here. Please write in English so we all can understand.


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        Re: Hello from Germany

        Thanks for welcoming me.

        I think for a start I will try retouching some of the pics offered in the photo retouche tread.


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          Re: Hello from Germany

          Hello! Coolest site in the world.


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            Re: Hello from Germany

            Welcome ! It sounds like you have a good opportunity in your work. You should be able to pick up some good ideas and advise here. And, of course, it's free !


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              i am an 39 Years old amateur Photographer from germany.

              i hope i can learn here an lot of new things
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              Hello from germany
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              Hi guys,
              i am from germany and i will learn much about photoshop and retouching. I hope that i can handle it in english to :-)
              Have a good time.

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              First of all it's great to find such a complete forum about retouching. I hope I can learn a lot from all of you and maybe teach a thing or two.

              Ha det bra! (See you!)
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              I just registered to this forum. Photography is my hobby and i hope i will find good inspiration and help on for retouching my pictures here.

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