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Hello Everyone!

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  • Hello Everyone!

    First post here of what I hope to be many.

    I am a graphic designer living in the northeast US. I have been using Photoshop for about 12 years and have come to be fairly familiar with it. I am definitely not an expert with it, though I can get it to do what I want (for the most part). I am always looking for a better way to achieve my goals with Photoshop and I am sure that this site and this forum will help in that search.

    BTW, I was directed over here from the NAPP forums.

    See ya around!

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    Re: Hello Everyone!

    Welcome Chilihook... Glad someone from NAPP pointed you this way.

    Like you I've used PS for a few years (since 5.5), can usually do what I need to and on a daily basis am reminded how much I don't know about it. The opportunities to learn are endless, which for me is 1/2 the fun.

    Enjoy yourself as you look the place over. Don't hesitate to jump in on any of the threads or start your own. If you get stuck or need directions finding anything, feel to send me e-mail (click my name above for dropdown menu).