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    I'm gonna get fired if you don't start posting here .

    What *else* do you do? I dabble a little in woodworking, but I don't do much better at that than I do with restorations . Most of the time I'm around the house, and we get the family together whenever possible. This usually happens at out place, and we enjoy it even if our walls are bursting .

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      Ed, "What else do I do?", Well, sometimes wander around assisting my wife until she tells me to go play somewhere else, like maybe Wyoming. Fishing is cool, unless I catch something then I gotta clean it so I've taken a kinder approach to the sport and dont use bait with my dull hooks. Annoying the dog by petting the cats is good for some amusement but mostly I just like astronomy and playing with Image procesing programs. Tom


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        How long does it take you to do all that?


        Talking about dogs, I've got a part yellow lab, and part German Shephard. He really gets upset if I get close to my wife. One day last week she asked me to scratch her back, and when I started to, he jumped on me, just barking his head off. A few days later when we went to bed (he stays in another room), she again asked me to scratch her back. In a few seconds, he was barking like crazy again. He couldn't see us, and I told my wife I thought he could understand what she said. Sure enough, the next day we were sitting in the rec room, not really near each other, when I looked at her and *softly* asked her to scratch my back. He went nuts again! He's a real smart dog, but I think he's got a head problem .

        I've always kind of thought astronomy would be kind of cool, but for some reason or another I never got into it. Maybe some day it will happen.

        Now after all this conversation, maybe Doug will let me keep my job, and just cut my wages a little.



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          Sounds like your dog might want to get his back scratched. I got a hand vibrator that looks like a lady bug. My dog claimed it. When she wants her back massaged she pokes it with her nose. Ok I spoil my dog, guilty as charged. I am on my second Husky and if you ever had one you know they talk to you. My last one would actually tell me off when she was upset with me and there was no mistaking what she was saying. It's the funniest thing to witness. Yes I do believe animals are alot smarter than we give them credit for. I guess Kayli takes up most of my time when I'm not "obsessed" with this forum. That works out to about 5 minutes a day for the dog and 5 for the family. Ha Ha


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            If I cut your wages any more you'd have to pay ME.

            No, already did that
            Learn by teaching
            Take responsibility for learning


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