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  • Better than velcro

    A couple of years back I got a piece of used computer equipment that had an enormous velcro pad on the side for affixing to the side of the computer. Actually it wasn't velcro, it was better than velcro. Instead of the "hooks on one side, loops on the other" of velcro, both sides of this connection system were identical. The best way to describe them is like millions of tiny plastic mushrooms. You'd press very hard to get the two halves to connect, but once they were together they held fiercely. But pull hard enough and they would separate, and were 100% re-usable.

    I've looked in vain for this material in stores and on the web. Has anyone seen anything like this? Am I making any sense to anyone? This was marvelous stuff, and if I could find it my desk would be so much tidyer

    Btw, not tape, but 6"x6" pads.
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    yup ! I've had that stuff... even mounted a cb overhead in a rough riding truck with it....

    Think I got it at Radio shack...