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What are your favorite filters/plugins?

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  • What are your favorite filters/plugins?

    What filters or plugins do you like best for your graphics applications? I'm trying to get a feel for which are worth the money.

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    My guess is that which plugins are best to invest in, really depends on your main application of images.

    I tend to do more manipulations so the 3 I use most often are eye candy, andromeda shadow, and knockout.



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      I do a bit of everything lol.

      I just want to compile a wishlist of the cooler things that I can gradually purchase as I get the cash.


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        A wishlist... I can relate to that!
        * Edge F/X, Dream Suites I, II (AutoF/X)
        * Etchtone, Cutline, Screens, Shadows (Andromeda)
        * Deep Paint (Right Hemisphere) - spendy, but artsy
        * Old Movie (VanDerLee) - best of it's kind
        * Puzzle Pro (A.V. Bros.)
        * BuzzPro (Fo2Pix) - one of my favorites
        * Convert to BW Pro (Digital Imaging Tools) - like channel mixer/monochrome on steroids
        * India Ink, Mr. Contrast (Flaming Pear)
        * Pan Engraver (Panopticum)

        Free off the net...
        * Polaroid Dust and Scratches
        * Eliminate White
        * Eliminate Black
        * Paint Engine (Fantastic Machines) - but you know about this one already!

        Hope this helps...



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          Cool, great list!


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