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  • Going on Vacation

    Well finally I'm off to Colorado to visit family and friends.

    First vacation in 6 years and I'm really ready. Going to be gone a week starting sunday so hopefully I won't miss too much but with this great group I know my new activity in the forums will be

    Looking forward to taking lots of pictures as I haven't had the chance to do much photography of my own...too busy fixing up others pictures... lol.

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    Have a *great* vacation, and don't fall off the other side of the world .



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      Hey Chris

      Colorado!!! I am envious. I haven't been there but it's one of the states I would love to see besides Alaska. I know you will have a great time. Then you will come home to rest up.

      Enjoy yourself, have a safe trip and take lots of pictures!!


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        Chris, Good time of year to visit Colorado. If you are going near the "high country" perhaps an early frost will give the Aspens some neat color for you. Have fun and drive careful.Just remember the rule for night driving--dont run over any eyes that are more than 5 inches off the road--the taller sets can be hazardous to your grille. Tom


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          Thanks all for the good wishes.


          Don't have to worry about the night driving as I'm going to splurge and fly there... don't plan on driving in the mountains at night but being out here in the middle of nowhere with all the critters I've developed an extra sense to watch for eyes at

          In fact have a great "ranch hand" grille guard on my vehicle just in case.

          Well I'm going to miss my computer for a whole week...I know I'll be going through withdrawls "BIG TIME". I do plan to take quite a few pictures though and am excited about that.

          See y'all when I get back.


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