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    Take the poll, but don't post a reply with your answer! Just tell us if you got it right or wrong. I sometimes need a spel chekker, but even I got this one right.

    None of the above

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    I got it right.

    because I cheated, but nothing said I couldn't.


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      Whew! I was a-scared for a minute there.

      I drive through there fairly often, and I was born in KY, but the REAL question is:

      how do you pronounce it?

      Last edited by Jakaleena; 06-30-2002, 06:50 PM.


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        Speaking of KY...

        Did you hear about the elderly gentleman who was in the hospital for a couple days for some prostrate surgery... and his doctor happened to stop by one morning just after breakfast.

        "...And how's the food around here, Mr. Jones?" the doctor asked, trying to make a little conversation.

        "Just had the WORST piece of toast I've ever ate. I put some of that Kentucky Jelly on it and it was awful!"

        "Oh really? I'm sorry to hear that," sympathized the doctor, "but I've never heard of Kentucky Jelly before..."

        "Well, there it is, ya darn fool, right next to my breakfast tray... Can't you read the label? It says 'KY Jelly'!"

        (OK... you can stop groaning now!)
        Last edited by DannyRaphael; 07-04-2002, 06:39 PM.


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          If you still don't know the correct spelling, check back this afternoon. The correct spelling will be posted.



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            Okay, here it is! 63.64% of you said the proper spelling for the capital of Kentucky was "Louisville". 36.36% of you said it was "none of the above". Conclusion: Most of you don't (didn't) know how to spell the capital of Kentucky, which of course is Frankfort! Thanks for playing.



            • #7
              Yep, fell right into that one.


              • #8
                That was a good one. I'm using the excuse that I'm an Australian. But what's everybody else's excuse?


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                  I looked it up. It was never stated that we couldn't. I don't know all the state capitals. Not sure I even know all the states. But I have a computer, and the Internet, and I can find out in seconds. Viva Technology!


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                    Does beer qualify as an excuse? I think I zoomed right past the word "capital" and just thought..."everyone knows how to spell Louisville"! The next day (after a cup of coffee) I realized my error. Give us another Ed! ego is bruised


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                      I did almost the same thing as Greg, I didn't read the question carefully! I'm blaming this one on lack of sleep.

                      - David


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                        SURE! We'll believe anything you guys want to tell us.



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                            isn't Kentucky something to do with chickens? didn't know chickens had a capital...


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                              ah yesss... PFK ... Poulet Frit Kentucky as we call it here.. (from another thread)

                              I too fell right into that one Ed. My excuse is I know all the states, can find them on an unmarked map, and know "most" of the capitols I think that's pretty good considering I'm not a citizen.

                              besides.. Ed tricked us.. not fair!


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