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Faked photos?

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  • Faked photos?

    The following is an article from the House Select Committee
    On Assassinations. This tread is not to see if the lone gunman killed or didn't kill Kennedy. But to see how photo/retouch experts evaluated the pictures for their "Photograph Authentication". You have to read "between the lines" on how this is done though. Good stuff. Really deep.

    click here

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    you know, John ...I have thought lately about looking for a good copy of that photo now that I know a little more about photos.. Don't suppose you know where there is one ?


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      <<I have thought lately about looking for a good copy of that photo now that I know a little more about photos.>>

      Good point.

      << Don't suppose you know where there is one ?>>

      You would have to go back in time"63".


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        that would put me on paris island... no thanks


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          Paris Island ? Isn't that were they train those " Lazy lugs......With those loveable mugs".


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            That was an interesting read...

            Well guys, here you go

            Unfortunately the quality is too low to 'verify' this picture ourselves..

            Wouldn't mind scanning the original negative on the drumscanner and having a close look in photoshop, though

            Foound this pic on a website loooong time ago when i was still interested in these kinds of things, so can't give you a source for the pic. But I'm sure a searc on Google or others will get you some results?
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              well looked around.. didn't find any clearer photos of the "backyard" photos .... but did find this page with many photos and info on those pix...

              interesting stuff

              and here is the photo that showed up 20 years later in the dallas pd a work in progress ?

              more interesting photos I guess... if you read spanish ... me no comprendo !

              if anyone finds a clearer scan of the backyard pix would still like to see them... would seem they have to be somewhere...


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