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Looks like I have a lot to learn

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  • Looks like I have a lot to learn

    Stumbled onto this site today, seems like there is a lot of talent here - which means i have a lot to learn.

    Photography by trade, trying to catch up on my retouching skills.

    If anyone is interested,

    Here is a general portfolio of my older stuff:

    This is my personal favorite 'photoshop art' i have done

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    Re: Looks like I have a lot to learn

    Nice work.


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      Re: Looks like I have a lot to learn

      nice...what equipment are you using?


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        Re: Looks like I have a lot to learn

        Canon Rebel, once i start making the money im looking towards an upgrade


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          Re: Looks like I have a lot to learn

          Welcome, and very nice work.
          There is a lot of good talent here and we're certain you will enjoy it.


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