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Ted Williams to be cryogenically frozen?

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  • Ted Williams to be cryogenically frozen?

    This article reads like sci-fi...but it might be true. It sounds like his son wants the baseball legend's "DNA preserved for future cloning"!!!!

    Friends outraged at plan to freeze Ted's body

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    Wow!! It sounds like that could wind up in the courts. I can't believe Ted would have wanted it like that. He was probably one of the last really "colorful" players, but I think he did seek privacy. That was quite an article. Thanks for passing it on Greg.



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      From what I just heard on Fox News, Ted Williams was a devotee of Cryogenics. He had numerous articles on the subject and had a desire to be frozen for future regeneration, not cloning. The son's decision to have him frozen was in honor of his father's desires before he died. The daugher, who is battleing this just thinks it's morbid as hell. I say, if the guy was into that stuff and wanted that before he died and has the bucks to do something like that, go for it. We should all have our own say in the way our bodies are handled after death. Also it looks as if the courts are favoring the son. Besides, the body is already in a cryogenic state right now.
      My personal feelings on the subject are, if I have to suffer through the dieing process once, I sure don't want somebody bringing me back to life to go through that ordeal all over again. Besides, who want's to come back to life in an eighty some year old body anyway? What fun is that? And for how long? Just my opinion.


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        DJ - Sounds like there are two very different versions of this story. That Fox News story sounds very different than the article...hard to tell who is telling the truth!

        Maybe it's all a plot by the Boston Red Sox to clone their greatest players in order to finally remove Ruth's curse and win a World Series! They are also going to clone Ruth, Carl Yastrzemski ....and throw in a clone of Cy Young for pitching....the 2020 World Series- Attack of the Clones!

        Seriously, I would not mind being frozen. Imagine how interesting it would be to be able to see and live in the future...I'm sure they could grow you a new body! Of course the risks are pretty high. You would have no family (unless they got put on ice as well!) and the future might turn out to be a very strange place. They might just thaw you out in order to be part of a zoo exhibit.... "Real live 21st century man, on display on Disney Planet!!"


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          Originally posted by DJ Dubovsky

          My personal feelings on the subject are, if I have to suffer through the dieing process once, I sure don't want somebody bringing me back to life to go through that ordeal all over again. DJ
          That's hilarious!! I have to agree with Deb though. If that's what he wanted, who am I to say it shouldn't be done?



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            I think you have a point there. Who knows how we would view the future. Sometimes I think if we could bring someone back that lived during the colonial times, would they see this new era as a magical new world of wonders or a loud smelly world that moves frightenly fast with dangers at every corner?

            Now that I read through that article, I don't know what to believe. I think you probably have it right. They plan to clone a whole new winning team.

            I always said I could handle being dead but it was the getting there that was the problem. Just a chicken at heart I guess.


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