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The voices in my head..

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  • The voices in my head..

    Or maybe just the notice that keeps popping up on the top of my page, keep telling me to post an introduction so, here I am.

    I am David, everyone, including my wife, calls me Preacher

    I am a part-time photographer in Charlotte NC, the rest of my time I am still in Charlotte, but working for a evil, multi-national corporation.

    I am also, in part, a biker, a father, a geek, a gun nut, an author and a blogger.

    I do a little retouching on the side for fun, and it was suggested that this was the place on the net to learn more.

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    Re: The voices in my head..

    Welcome Preacher! This is a great place to learn about photo editing software and there's an absolute wealth of tutorials and info for all sorts of photog questions and interests. I've only been here for about 6 or 7 months and I just love it.

    Good to meet you and enjoy!!


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      Re: The voices in my head..

      Hi,preacher we're practically neighbors. I'm in Fl. I'm sooo new to all this I don't even know how to get in a thread. I'll con't to roam until I find a home.Groannn.Everything sounds so interesting and a little overwhelming.
      Have a Blessed day,
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        Re: The voices in my head..

        Preacher! Welcome to RetouchPro! Explore and Enjoy!