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the smilie, he veeps!

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  • the smilie, he veeps!

    that's all I vanted to say

    could you make it where it plays cry me a river in the backgrnd?

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    Probably, but then you'd all gang up and kill me.
    Learn by teaching
    Take responsibility for learning


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      the smilie, he wamps!

      Learn by teaching
      Take responsibility for learning


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        "Probably, but then you'd all gang up and kill me."

        nope. i for one would give a hearty golly and gee whiz. but then i am easily amused, amazed, and entertained.

        BUT deep down i know you have better uses for your time.

        and, oh, EEEEEEEEK!


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          My smiles are broke. My "get mores" won't come up. At least I can use the crying one. I wanted to use the vampire or maybe string a bunch together. Is there one for "bummer"?


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            OK I found my smiles but I went crazy on them and they wouldn't let my message go through. How did I know there was a limit.

            Hey Doug there's an ogre for when you lumber back into the castle.

            Oh I like these. Lots of new bells and whistles to bring out the kid in me.


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