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  • Hi

    Hi All...

    Have just joined the group.

    Been looking over the Challanges submissions...real good work that you guys are awful lot of talent...I hate you all !!!

    Aging Hippie

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    Hello Aging ,

    Welcome aboard. Be sure to check out the whole site, as there's a lot of good info here. There are a lot of places to go, and if you get lost, if you see a post by Danny or me, you'll find a link to the site map for your viewing pleasure. Have fun, and join in any of the threads. Even the oldest ones are still open.

    "I hate you all !!!"
    ... Let me guess ... you're a woman!



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      Hi Aging Hippie
      Welcome to Retouch Pro. Glad you joined in the fun. There's so much to see and do here. As for "hating us all" I suspect you have a lot more talent than you are letting on. But I definately agree, I'm envious of the talent here too. I'm hoping someday it will rub off. If nothing else it sure is fun to learn.


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        LOL - I used to think the same exact thing!

        I'm glad you found us, and hope to see you joining in the fun soon!


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          Hey Ed

          Damn Ed...what gave me away...was it the Homer Simpson avatar???

          My wife says maybe I should consider cross-dressing...UHHH, NO!

          Thanks for the warm welcome.

          Aging Hippie
          (a.k.a. Ed Reiss)


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            Hi, and thanks for your welcomes, to Jakalenna and DJ.

            Looking forward to learning a lot from you guys!

            Aging Hippie


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              Hi Aging Hippie, glad you found us. There are a lot of very talented people here BUT they are not only talented they are helpful and friendly too. It's a gerat place. Welcome.


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                Re: Hey Ed

                Originally posted by aginghippie
                Damn Ed...what gave me away...was it the Homer Simpson avatar???

                My wife says maybe I should consider cross-dressing...UHHH, NO!

                Thanks for the warm welcome.

                Aging Hippie
                (a.k.a. Ed Reiss)
                Hi Ed,

                I knew you were either a woman or you were just kidding when you said that. Yes, there's a lot of talent here. I'm not in the same league with most of them. Everyone is very friendly too. Hopefully, I'll fit into that category.



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                  Welcome Ed! Glad you found us. Don't be shy about asking questions or submitting challenges or gallery work. You'll get great feedback. And I'm sure you know something that the rest of us can learn from as well.



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                    Hey Ed...

                    Glad you found us.

                    I know what you mean about looking at stuff other folks have submitted. I, too, am awed by some of the exceptionally talented folks who participate not only in this forum, but throughout the site. It's like being surrounded by All-Stars. To be sure, there are lots of rookies and folks in between, too.

                    Mac, PC, Photoshop, Photo-Paint, Photo Impact, yadda-yadda-yadda -- doesn't matter. No big push here on "what's the best platform" or "My image editior is BETTER than YOUR image editor" or any of that. The focus is on sharing ideas and assisting others.

                    Regardless of your knowledge and experience in whatever areas of interest you have, you'll find friendly folks here eager to help with or discuss about anything.

                    Just about everyone, regardless of talent level and especially many of the very seasoned veterans, is mellow and willing to assist, as opposed to some sites where new folks get their hats (or worse) handed to them for asking basic questions.

                    If you haven't yet, by all means check out the public gallery (if you have a couple works you're especially proud of, don't hesitate to post a couple). The challenge entries in all categories are nothing short of amazing; reviews; tutorials... You'll wonder how 3-4 hours slipped by while you're poking around.

                    The most important guideline in this forum is: Have Fun!

                    I can see my the moniker you chose this will be an easy guideline for you to follow.

                    Again, welcome aboard.



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                      Hi to Sanda, Janiesa, & Danny...

                      Danny wrote:
                      The most important guideline in this forum is: Have Fun!

                      Am already having a great all sound like a bunch of great guys!

                      Thanks for the welcome.



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                        I'm gonna move this thread over to the Salon forum so more folks know you're here.

                        Glad you're having fun. That's a good thing to have lots of.



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