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  • Arachnophobia

    The last 2 days have been very hot here in Portland, and it's all I can do to paint a stroke now and then. So I'm sitting here minding my own business, and what should appear, but teeny weeny little spiders, floating down on gosamere webs, right on my freakin monitor, and the keyboard, and me. I don't even have enough energy to find the sourse, I'm just gonna light them up, one at a time as they cross my path.

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    Here I thought you were doing a movie review. Sounds like you're ready to see Eight Legged Freaks.

    Some poor mother spider goes through the trouble of getting pregnant and launching her babies only to have you destroy all her hard work. You know it's not easy having to eat the father. Now she's going to have to look for another meal ticket just to make millions more.
    Yup, it must be freakin hot there.


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      That's just mean. Simply blow gently on them and they'll crawl back up. Spiders only live where there's food, and their food is bugs, so imagine what they're saving you from.
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        I keep your idea in mind Doug.


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          Go easy on the spiders I've two hunting spiders which patrol my office and wardrobes on a regular basis. They feast on moths which are a problem here.and I assume its the same pair I see every year if not their offspring will be 10" across by 2010. They dont spin webs just wander about grabbing food.


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            Yup, I have a nice pair of hunter/killers in my office too. Mind you, they have obey the rules:

            - Don't crawl on Me, My Girlfriend or any guests/clients unless invited to do so
            - Don't go inside any clothes
            - Don't walk on food
            - If you catch a bug, eat it, don't leave half of it lying around.
            - Don't walk on the floor, you might get squashed...
            - Keep the family numbers down..2 is fine, 20 is too much...
            - If you break anything, you pay for it !

            In return I promise not to kill them and they keep my spaces (especially my archives!!) free of bugs and pests. I also protect them from other predators (bigger spiders) .Works quite well