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    Do you have a gardening tip you'd like to pass along? Please do!

    My first one might not be so much a gardening tip as to a post harvest tip. If you're like us, and have a vegetable garden for canning/ freezing, here's a tip for washing green beans. Instead of the tedious washing by hand, clean the tub of your washing machine, then throw the beans in for a rinse cycle (no soap). It really does the trick, it's easy, and we've been doing it for years before canning. I know it sounds cray, but once you try it, you'll be wondering if the machine wasn't originally made for washing green beans, then someone tried washing clothes in it.

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    While you're in the laundry room, the dryer makes a great place to start seedlings. Put a towel down to even out the heat. After a couple of loads, put a cover over the seedling tray. Great for broccoli, peppers, and tomatoes. Not good for lettuce, peas, or radishes, as these are cool veggies and start better in cool soil.


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      For European readers ..................

      Plant blackthorn bushes to keep trespassers/impoverished relatives at bay.

      Use chain saw to cut down trees and bushes when access to the house becomes difficult.

      Note position of mantraps and spring guns to avoid personal embarrasment !


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        If you're working in a relatively small garden, buy an inexpensive cloth nail apron from Home Depot or another like store. Wear it when you're working in the garden. It's a handy place to put broken pieces of glass or other things you'd rather not have there. Done? Just dump it in the garbage.



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          If you grow strawberries... we planted a couple strawberry plants by our dryer vent a few years ago and they have multiplied tenfold. We have strawberries starting in the early spring all thr way throughout september.