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Im new here, so hi!!

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  • Im new here, so hi!!

    Hello everybody, as im new to this forum i'll introduce myself.
    My name is Marion and im new to the computer and to everything connected. So starting with photoshop and trying to understand everything-without help from anyone- is not always easy. My native language is dutch but i speak english and german as well. Nevertheless it can be hard to learn something like photoshop in another language then your own . I find watching videos with explaining in english the most helpful for me.

    I wish there would have been computers when i was young i probably would have understood much easier then, but now it takes time a lot of it hehehe!
    But i hooked on it, never thought i would, specially cause i had nothing but trouble with my new dell computer, i had to phone them almost every day for one year to fix problems on the phone, had to open the computer and to stuff to it.....ME, i dont know ANYTHING about computers! They wont give me back my money, and now ive got a pc with still warantee untill 2011 but its packed in the box again cause it caused me so much stress i could not work with it anymore. Now i got another computer thats better, only i cant get used to Vista.
    I hope i will find some new friends here, and maybe some help too, even if my questions may sound dumm and stupid, please remember im just starting out and i am a not too young BLOND woman, so what can you expect huh?


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    Re: Im new here, so hi!!

    Hi there, Marion, welcome to RetouchPro. Hope you enjoy your visits here as much as I do. Look around and enjoy. If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask, we have a bunch of friendly and helpful people here. See you around


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      Re: Im new here, so hi!!

      im new too!


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        Re: Im new here, so hi!!

        great Brooke 13, both new hehehe, are you new at the computer and photoshop as well?Or do you already know ëverything"?


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          Re: Im new here, so hi!!

          welcome to RetouchPro...


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            Re: Im new here, so hi!!

            Thanks Andyong!


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              Re: Im new here, so hi!!

              Hello Marion
              I'm pretty new here too. I've learned a lot.

              .. you should've bought a MAC. that would have solved ALL your problems


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                Re: Im new here, so hi!!

                Hi Photodivauk.

                I wish i had known, but sadly i didnt. But maybe its just because ive seem to have the evil eye for anything electrical,lol, nothing works right or is broken when i buy it or 2 days after the warantuee is over. Lets hope better times are coming now that i met you guys and maybe you can help me me photoshop problems whenever my computer has a good day!!


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