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Hello gang ...... New here......

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  • Hello gang ...... New here......

    Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. Im always looking around for tips and any help for my craft. Ive been a photographer for years, but have been "on and off" several times. Currently shooting on the weekends hoping to build up my biz. Lots of things to learn and Im hoping to pick up some good stuff here. Im especially interested in portrait retouch etc. Ive seen some pretty impressive stuff in here already. Im not a newb at retouch by any means! But my skills in these areas are borderline and I know it. Thanks in advance to anyone that can help an old guy out. (laugh!)

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    Re: Hello gang ...... New here......

    Welcome to RP Ed, looking forward to seeing some of your works.
    Ask many questions or offer all the help you can.. either way, feel at home here and I hope you make many new friends!


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      Re: Hello gang ...... New here......

      Appreciate the welcome OB!


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