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  • Emergency - Please help

    My wonderful 98 year old Auntie Mary passed away this week and her funeral is tomorrow.

    Another aunt who can't travel to the funeral asked me to read her thoughts at the service.

    I would like to put her words onto paper so that I can give it to the family to remember.

    Here's the problem. I would like the text to flow around the photo in the enclosed example.

    Does anyone know how to make this happen in PhotoShop??

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    Without a concrete example I dont know exactly what you mean, but as its an emergency I will wade in with what little help I can offer.

    Have you tried using photoshops text transform tools? (I include picture to demonstrate). Or do you want it set out like a magazine with text framing the photo?

    If you could post a similiar effect to the one you want to achieve, I will gladly assist further. Hope we can all pitch in to help
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      Hi Mike, sorry I wasn't more descriptive in my request - yes I want it set out like in a magazine with the text flowing around the picture. I don't think PhotoShop has the tools for doing it, but I do have PageMaker (which I never use) and I'm sure it can be done there. Maybe that's what I'll have to do.

      Thanks for pointing out the "text warp" feature I had forgotten about that too.



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        Sorry Win, to the best of my knowledge as you also summise, there is no feature available in Photoshop. I think you are right, that DTP programmes will be better equipped. Hope you achieve what you wanted.


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          You could try putting the text lines on seperate layers,rasterize the layer, use transform and move routines to position along with masking and layer via cut command to adjust the text. This would take quite a few layers but is actually more tedious than difficult.
          There is a program called "Ottopaths" which allows for the construction of flowing text but it is tricky to learn.
          PS 6.01 has a text flow feature which would probably work best but again, it is a bit tedious, but not terribly difficult. Does require some use of masking and layer via cut routines.Good luck...and please accept our heartfelt saddness at your loss....Tom


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            Thank you Tom. I will follow up on the text flow capabilities of PhotoShop - every time I start to get comfortable with what PS can do, I'm confronted with another challenge. Is it like that for everyone.

            I managed to get a pleasing arrangement for my Aunt's memorial and got it printed.

            Thanks again,


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              Something like that would be so much easier to do in Pagemaker or other page layout type programs like InDesign or Quark. In Pagemaker you would just place or import the graphic, set a text wrap and then add your text around the image.


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                Thanks Rachel - right after I posted my plea for help, I realized that I should have used PageMaker, but my PM skills are somewhat lacking.

                One more thing I need to concentrate on learning.

                BTW do you know of a good PageMaker forum?



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                  I run a messageboard (see my sig for the link) and we have a Printing & Publishing forum. There are about 4-5 experienced users who try to answer questions about Pagemaker, Indesign and Quark.

                  Other than that, I really haven't come across any.. That's why we created our own


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                    Sorry I got here late. PS doesn't have the tools you need. Pagemaker would be perfect.

           has an excellent Pagemaker forum.
                    Learn by teaching
                    Take responsibility for learning


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                      Thank you for all your advice and tips. My aunt's family was delighted with the way I printed it and everything went well.

                      I'm going to have to get busy and learn PageMaker so I don't have to panic in the future.

                      Take care,


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                        lol Win, probably a lesson to us all. I am delighted that your Aunt and family were pleased with the pictures. Well done on a task made harder by use of Photoshop only