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  • Hi :) New to the forums


    I just wanted to introduce myself and say what a great forum this looks to be

    I currently work as a Communications Coordinator. What that means is that I do graphic and web design and I also do a lot of print work such as brochures, pamphlets, newsletters etc...

    Photography is my passion and is ultimately what I would like to do professionally (photo documentarian or photo journalist).

    Anyway, I'm glad I found this forum and look forward to partaking in the challenges


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    Welcome, I hope you have fun with the site. I made it with you in mind.


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      Hi Rachel,

      Welcome aboard. You'll find a lot of talented people here who are willing to share what they know, and they'll also pick your brain. If you haven't seen the site map yet, check out the bottom of this post for a link. There are many places to go on the site, and each place makes it's own contribution to the total site. Jump in on any thread, as even the oldest ones are still open. Or start a new thread of your own. We'll be looking for some of your work. Oh, don't believe everything Greg says. He didn't even know you were coming.



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        Hi Rachel,
        Welcome to Retouch Pro. Glad you joined in. There's so much to offer here and alot of great people. They're what really make this a special place to be.


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          Hi Rachel,

          Somehow I think I know you from another forum. Welcome to this one.


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            Hey Rachel:

            Let me add my "Welcome aboard!"

            This site is like Disneyworld meets Six Flags: Something for everyone, from thill rides to tame ones for the kids.

            Jump right into the challenges. Have fun. Everyone's a winner here.

            Glad you found us.



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              Thanks for the warm welcome everyone

              Hmm.. you do sound familiar gland :lol How long have you been here?


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                Welcome to RP, Rachel! Wow, yet another fellow Ohioan... Too coooooool....


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                  Ah, communications coordinator. I've been there, done that, wish I could do it again. I love marcom work.

                  Welcome aboard.
                  Learn by teaching
                  Take responsibility for learning


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                    Hi Rachel glad to see another person from the greatest location in the nation.Alltho i'm still in the first grade on this site i hope to get to the second soon with the help of all these great people.


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                      Rachel, I think this forum is one of the links that u-23 gave. I've been registered since July 3.

                      Lots of good information here.


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