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I felt sorry for her

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  • I felt sorry for her

    Last night, my wife, my mother-in-law, and I went to a festival in a small town where we grew up as teenagers. They had a cool parade, and things were kind of backwards, or unexpected. For instance, they had hula dancers (guys!) who wore hula skirts and the 1/2 shell cocoanut halter thingies. It was hilarious, especially when one guy lost his top. If we had been there earlier, we could have met Marta Stewarta. But we did see her in the parade.

    Anyhow, we decided to grab a sandwich in a restaurant. We walked in and sat down in a booth. About 5 minutes later, the owner came over, saying this was her first day in business. The menu consisted of a hot dog, a polish sausage sandwich, spagetti and meatballs, or crab alfredo! Wierd, but that's it! We wondered why there weren't more customers in there (There was only one other customer). The owner was a very nice lady, but she was the cook, waitress, checkout girl, and janitor. When it came time to pay the bill, she began figuring it up. At one point, she said "Oh, the heck with it. I'll just round it out. It should be $9.20 or $9.40 or something like that. I'll just make it $9.00." Tap water is customarily served with an order, and I can't remember being in any restaurant in our area where it wasn't available. She only had bottled water, which she sold. It was a wierd experience, and I doubt she'll be in business for long. It's too bad because she really seemed like a nice person. But the parade was nice.


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    What a strange day you had Ed. That lady sounds like a business person like me.


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      I hearing that DJ. SHe will never be a millionare, but I would sooner eat at her place than a 'popular' fast food chain


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        Sounds a little like she needs some business skills help. Poor lady hope she does survive and make a success of it as it sounds like she's in the business because she loves it not for the profit.


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