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What's your skill level? (the new one)

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  • What's your skill level? (the new one)

    Since we've had a large increase in membership, I thought it might be good to post something like this again. Since the last one was posted, some of us have become more familiar with Photoshop, etc. When I first came on the site, I was definitely a beginner. Now I'm probably up to the intermediate category (I'll be here for a long time}. Where does your skill level fall when using the program of your choice? Take the poll.

    Beginner (still learning the basics)
    Intermediate (learning advanced techniques)
    Advanced (knows most advanced techniques)
    Expert (understands how and why everything works)
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    A tough question to answer. I make my living with the assistance of Photoshop and other new media programmes, so I would have to be of a fairly profficient standard, just to keep afloat. Does this mean that I could be an Adobe Certified Expert? Not just yet I guess, everyday functions and the advanced are within my Photoshopping skill range, however, never having the need or want, to develop my own filters or any of the more esoteric functions of the programme, would preclude me from the afformentioned title.

    I also see more talented Retouchers here than myself on a regular basis, retouching is more than just an idle passtime for me, it teaches me to work in a different way than I am used to, I have to consider more than I normally would.

    In short, if I had the chance to study Photoshop in minute detail, instead of my everyday, fairly routine use, I would be well on my way to expert status. I do make a point of learning new uses for the programme and make sure that my knowledge bank is fairly upto date on any new techniques that emerge, I can weild image ready with efficancy, batch files and dodge and burn with the best of them - but I still cant get many aspects of retouching right, as the discipline is pretty unique in its demanding flawless work just to look 'right'

    There are many people more talented than I, and even many of them havent mastered Photoshop, so I can't get too disheartened if I fall short of the mark, I just keep striving to gain a little more understanding of the depth of the programme.


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      I chose Intermediate/Advanced for basically the same reasons Mike mentioned.

      I am comfortable with all of the functions I use regularly, and I do try to add to my knowledge base by learning new things as often as possible. But there are still a lot of things I don't know how to use just because I don't need them for my work and don't have much spare time on my hands to just play with them.


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        I am not sure of what level I am. I would agree that the education of a professional never ends, and that this factor alone makes it nearly impossible to obtain the highest rateing. And to compound the problem, the versitility of Photoshop alows many techniques to acomplish the same task.

        I can only say that I am very good with the tools I use on an hourly basis to acomplish the instructions given to me by my clients to their satisfaction.

        I guess I always know I am doing a good job when my clients are smiling as they hand me a check.


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          While there are a few areas where I'd say my skills are more developed than others and I'm aware of many techniques, there's a world of difference in "knowing about" and being able to "effectively apply" said techniques.

          Learning Photoshop to me is like eating a never empty bowl of ice cream... Dessert every hour of the day if you have the time to indulge.

          One thing is for sure. Since becoming a RetouchPRO member in March, 2002, my pace of learning has definitely accelerated. As Martha Stewart might say if she weren't under investigation for insider trading, "That's a good thing."


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            Ed you missed out a 'bemused/confused' option ! I'd call myself advanced in some narrow areas of the Photoshop labyrinth and totally bemused in other parts of the program.

            In short to quote Newton.............

            If I have seen further [than certain other men] it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.


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              Still chose intermediate / advanced. I know alot but still find things I need help with or new techniques that I didn't know. Always learning I guess.


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                I still chose Intermediate/Advanced too. I just can't imagine the time when I'll get to the point that I know more than that. I learn something new almost every day!


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                  I don't see a "stumble fumble" option.


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                    Gary - love your new avatar!!


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                      Thanks Jeanie. Here is a link to a bigger image. This is my daughters cat Sophie.



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                        hehehe...that's one of the best cat pictures I have seen in some time!

                        On the question of skill level...I chose "Intermediate/Advanced" because every time I think I am finally becoming an expert, a new version comes out!


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                          Glad you had a bigger version. I thought it was a Furbee.


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                            I'll go with intermediate. Still a lot to learn but for what I mainly do I seem to get the job done.



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                              Like most, I picked intermediate/advanced. Although I use Photoshop daily as a "business tool" there are just too many areas of this deep and broad progam that I have not scratched the surface of. I'd say advanced in the areas of prepress production, intermediate in color in many other aspects and a complete clutz in others.

                              I'm really not a "retoucher". The thoughts of taking someone's family photos and restoring them have having all those expectations placed on my shoulders is beyond me. I stand amazed at what many people around here can accomplish with photos that seem all but lost! You guys are great!


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