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    Hi everyone,

    New to this site. Thought I'd start somewhere. Definitely new to photoshop...recently bought CS2. I'd say I'm an intermediate user of Paintshop Pro. My interests are providing my own unique look to the photos I take which are primarily sports. I'm feel fortunate to have found this site. I find your discussions and posts extremely interesting and educational. In time, I hope I will also become a contributor. John


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      Advanced User

      I've been involved with art, photography, graphic arts and printing for over thirty years although none of these pursuits were part of my primary job functions. I am retired now and can afford to spend the time to become truly proficient with my artistic pursuits.

      I am at an advanced level with most of the popular software programs and have reached a point where, if imagine something, i can usually accomplish what I want to do. To me, creating art and working with photos on the computer is like a chef working in a well equipped kitchen. All of the ingredients and tools are right there at your finger tips. When I need something, I just grab it. It is a wonderful feeling and it feeds my passion which is being creative. Over the years I have spent literally thousands of hours learning software programs and it has paid off for me by giving me knowledge of the tools necessary to express my creativity.

      Novices should not be put off by the steep learning curve of programs like Photoshop and Painter. With even a little effort and a desire to learn and be creative you can produce remarkable results. Keep trying and learning. READ THE HELP FILE, search the Internet and frequent web sites like RetouchPRO. This is an amazing place to learn.


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