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  • Winter Storm

    hi all,

    some may have noticed i havent been here in a week. i havent had electricity since tuesday last. i finally located and bought a generator and got it installed. it's not much, but it lights a few lights, a tv, and most importantly, my computer

    the county i live in here in western kentucky was hit by one nasty ice storm last monday night/tuesday morning and thereafter throughout the day. it rained continuously tuesday but at the ground level the temperature was just below freezing, a VERY nasty combination. ice built up on EVERYTHING a half inch thick. that means on tree branches a half inch most of the way around adding then a total of almost an inch of ice to the weight of everything. every blade of grass was an inch thick. every limb was an inch thicker. every weed an inch thicker. trees are just not designed for that. consequently, branches started breaking and falling. underneath a lot of those trees were power lines. an inch of ice also accumulated on power lines themselves. the weight on the power lines combined with the weight of falling branches and trees was just too much. some power line poles even snapped under just the weight of the ice on the lines.... some 2000 or so of them. over 5700 lines were down. it's been quite a mess here.

    today, i finally got a generator for my house. power is slowly coming back on in the county, but some places like mine, which had the service torn off the wall, cant be turned back on until the service/meter is repaired and that takes an electrician and all the electricians are out doing emergency work on the civil level; sewers, water treatment plants, emergency shelters and so on.

    we had to take my folks down to nashville to stay with a brother. they live out in the country with no gas lines and no city water, so all they had was a fireplace to keep the house warm, no water, since there is no electricity to run their water pump, and no other heat, since they have geo thermal, which also requires electricity. they're fine, but a bit homesick at this point.

    power is coming back, slowly. things are coming back, but the governor is calling this the worst disaster in kentucky's recorded history... and i believe it. there isnt a treetop left in the county. i have a hundred year oak in my yard and it's pretty beat up. i'll post some pictures later on, once things get back more to normal. the upside of this is that ice-coated trees can make some pretty interesting, beautiful, fantasy forests

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    Re: Winter Storm

    It certainly has looked bad from what we have seen on the TV and Web. I spend many months in NC and have often debated whether to buy a natural gas powered generator. A lower KW portable is as expensive as a higher KW permanent one... go figure.

    Sorry, to get off track. Very sorry to hear about your situation. If we can help, let us know. But, don't expect us to drive up there ! lol


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      Re: Winter Storm

      Craig, I've been away alot too but you're always so much help here that even I noticed your absence. Glad to hear you were able to get a generator. Having spent many years in cold climates I know the mess a storm like that can produce. I hope things return to normal soon for you and your family.


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        Re: Winter Storm

        sorry to hear about all your problems ( i believe Janet has had them as well )
        Funny thing is we too have had a lot of snow and London was brought to a stand still yesterday but this is nowhere near as bad as you have had it, we are just not geared up for this type of weather, i think most of the schools are shut across the country today.

        I hope your power will be restored soon and that your parents are OK , will look forward to seeing your images of this

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          Re: Winter Storm

          I'm glad you and your family are alright and I'm sorry you guys have to go trough such bad weather. Hope things will get back on track for you very very soon.



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            Re: Winter Storm

            thanks, to all of you

            best word i've gotten so far is maybe full power back to my house in a couple days... maybe. dont know a thing yet about my folk's house. they're out in the country. i go out there every day and light a fire in the fireplace to keep the house from freezing up but that's about all i can do for it for now

            from what i can tell, the insurance companies are going to be having (probably already have) a LOT of claims. i'll certainly be putting one in for the damage on my house and the cost of fuel on this generator.

            ok, i promised pictures these are unretouched except for cropping and sizing. please, do not use without permission. (i do give permission if someone wants to put these in the art forum and use them there).
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              Re: Winter Storm

              and here's one where i have enhanced the image a bit... mostly just sharpening, brightening and adding a bit of contrast. the day was a bit overcast.
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                Re: Winter Storm

                Those are some awesome photo's Craig, hope things are improving for you and yours



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                  Re: Winter Storm

                  WOW Craig, those photos really illustrate how cold it is!Hope everything gets back to normal soon for you and your parents. Living in Australia I can't imagine being that cold.


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                    Re: Winter Storm

                    thanks, palms.

                    yes, things are getting better. the electricians came out today and fixed my service. that means i have to get an inspection of the work done and then get the electric company to hook me back up. according to the electricians, that last part is going to be the hard part, since the electric company is busy as hell.

                    my brother also took my folks down to atlanta, georgia to stay with him, so at least they're out of a hotel, which is better. their service may not be back on for a couple weeks yet, but i cant get any definitive data on that yet.

                    so, all in all, yes, things are looking up

                    and thanks, ratz i understand you guys are in a real heat wave down there... 114 degree days and such? nasty! so, if you need some cold and ice, why come on up. and send us some of that heat


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                      Re: Winter Storm

                      Hallelujah momma! i've got power!

                      the guys from the electric company just came by and hooked me back up! i've got juice! it's amazing what we take for granted. so, the temporary generator is disconnected and i'm on regular power now. i'll be taking the generator out to my folk's place and hooking it in there until that gets set back up. the folks are still in atlanta with my oldest brother and are fine and well, if a little bit homesick

                      thanks for all the good thoughts and wishes and here's hoping you never have to go through a mess like this!


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                        Re: Winter Storm

                        Wow Craig, sure glad you made it through okay. Wish I could send some our melting weather down your way! walk carefully!


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                          Re: Winter Storm

                          hi sherry,

                          thanks it's certainly been an adventure. your wish to send melting weather seemed to have worked. we've been in the 50's or better for a couple days now.

                          i never realized you were from canada. based on a few trips i've made into eastern canada and the fact that you're right near the mountains, i'll bet there's some gorgeous country up there.


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