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  • Doug Nelson
    New forum suggestions?
    by Doug Nelson
    I'm thinking of adding some new forums, and I'd like to get your input on forums you think would be:

    a) useful
    b) popular
    c) relevant
    d) not already adequately covered in another RP forum

    This isn't a vote, and I might end up not adding any at all,...
    09-18-2006, 01:26 PM
  • greybeard
    What's going on with Fo2PiX?
    by greybeard
    Hi all,

    I have both ArtMaster Pro and buZZpro 3 and I really like both programs. However, I would like to think that fo2PiX is supporting them and that enhanced new versions will come out.

    But I don't see any signs of life at the fo2PiX website and I am almost the only...
    09-06-2007, 01:39 AM
  • ISeek
    Photoshop goodies websites
    by ISeek
    I'm new to the forum. Thought I would share the websites that I generally use to get the photoshop/Photography goodies and get to know your favorite places. But don't know if posting external links are allowed in this forum or not. So, will wait to get a confirmation from a senior member...
    09-01-2009, 02:19 PM
  • kstein
    Training Suggestions Please?
    by kstein
    I would be very interested in furthering my training but have some limitations.

    So far I have taken the following courses:

    New York Institute of Photography.

    Katrin Eismann's Book Photoshop Restoration & Retouching, went through it like a sponge! I still...
    04-24-2003, 03:36 PM
  • Gary Richardson
    Visit the New Retouch Pro Library
    by Gary Richardson
    Our New Retouch Pro Library has opened today, with a host of links to all sorts of things (Retouch/Restore or otherwise) we invite you all to visit it and add your links to your favourite resources.

    They will have to be approved by Kraellin who as Librarian has overall control of what...
    10-14-2006, 03:53 AM