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  • What forums do you Visit?

    Had an idea that I thought I would share

    I know that I use other forums and thought it would be interesting to see what other forums our members visit. To start the ball rolling I use and both of these offer design and web related info.

    So what forums do you frequent? (other than these hallowed walls)

    (please do not list websites, perhaps a seperate thread could be made if need arises) Just forums please.

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    I couldn't start my day without making my rounds to my favorite forums:
    Retouch Pro
    Adobe User to User
    MSN Tech & Gadgets
    The Cleveland Browns Chat


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      * RP - regularly throughout day
      * - Win PS forum now and again
      * - Restoration forum (where Photo-art posts are also made) - everyday
      * - what's on sale in the Photoshop world (in general) + specifically plugins, videos, books, photo paper, viagra (Just kidding!), etc.
      * or to see what new Photoshop books have been announced (about once/week)
      * - to see what's up with the Portland Trailblazers
      * - to see what's up with the L.A. Lakers



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        Call me a lazy sod - but can we have links from now on please?


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          Stephen Marsh.


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            perhaps the thread title was overly confusing?


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              I visit a law enforcement board which shall remain nameless and the forum listed in my signature.


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       is the only other forum I go to. Rtp is happily taking up my creative time, but mg is good for the tech side of me.
                I do belong to a mailing list, which is very much like a forum. It is very busy with questions and answer dealing with digital photograpy on the tech side. It is under the control of Steve Fisher from PC Resources for Photoshop & Digital Photographer at It is from this site and mailing list that I first heard about rtp, God bless them.


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                  Thanks for sharing the forums and groups that you all frequent, its sometimes interesting to discover hidden gems that I had not heard of before


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