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    Hello Everyone!
    My husband and I have been wandering around the eastern seaboard for the last month and every chance I got to get to a computer I'd check out this site. Between me looking for a computer every chance I got( guess I should get a laptop) and he trying to catch some tennis matches on tv we made pretty lousy tourists alot of the time.Unfortunately I didn't have my password with me and couldn't post but it's been fun to keep up. Anyway , I just love the new photo-art challenges and can't wait to get started. I absolutely loved being able to visit alot of wonderful museums(smaller regional ones that we had never gotten around to) and art galleries during our meanderings and know now for sure what direction I want to go in...portraits in a photo art mode. It's interesting to try to figure out what there is in a painting that appeals to you. Also, why different works of art have appeal for one person and not another. I picked up brochures from galleries like crazy and also postcards for inspiration. ..Also discovered why I like my digital camera so much. After you take a shot and look at it ,you can decide if you need to change the angle or composition in any way..An idea just came to me- how about a special gallery on this site composed of a potporri of unique interpretations of challenges. Kind of like a "special exhibit". Just a thought....Saw a cute pillow with the saying "Dogs have masters-cats have staffs"...have to work that in to something.See you all around.

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    Welcome back Paulette. Glad you at least had a chance to check out the site every so often. That's so true about cats and dogs.



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      It's good to see you again. Wondered where you went to. Hope you had a great time. Sounds like you did. You may have to post some of those digital photos you took. Glad you were at least able to see what was going on. I was knocked off line for a few days and was chomping at the bit to get back on before I missed something good, so I can see me vacationing the same way.


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