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My 'new' avatar.../...logo..?

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  • My 'new' avatar.../...logo..?

    For those of you who noticed, and for those of you who didn't, As of yesterday i have a new avatar.

    it sort of happened by accident, but as some of you know, accidents sometimes can have very nice results.

    I'm considering using this 'avatar' as my new company logo, since I'm planning to do a full re-style soon...

    So, I'd like some feedback on this 'logo'

    What do you think of it, what associations do you have when you see it. is it interesting, is it boring, is it attractive, is it ugly?

    Don't be shy, be honest, please!

    Here's a bigger version to give you a better look:

    If you know what it is, please don't tell the others, I want 'fresh' opinions.
    For those interested in what it is and how it was made, I'll explain later.

    For now, thanks if you take the time to respond!
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    I noticed right off that you had a new Avatar because you get to associate people on this forum by those symbols but I haven't figured out if I like it better or not. No I don't know what the new symbol means which might have some berring on the final decision on whether or not I like it. As designs go, it's cool but I'm not sure it really grabs my attention. Well, maybe it does now because you indicated that it actually has a recognizable meaning and at this point it alludes me. Guess, I'll have to wait to see the explaination.


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      I also noticed it right away. I'm a visual person, so I get used to people's avatars pretty quickly.

      As far as feedback on:
      What do you think of it, what associations do you have when you see it. is it interesting, is it boring, is it attractive, is it ugly?

      I feel a little stupid in that I have no idea what the symbol means. (It makes me feel a little better knowing DJ doesn't know either. ) I think a black background sets it off better than the grey/white background of the avatars in the forum. It is certainly not boring - I keep staring at it thinking that perhaps I'll recognize it all of a sudden. And of course as I think about it, various associations come to mind. This is a little strange, but I keep thinking of something that I would see under a microscope. Either that or a "branding" (like they put on cattle). (Hey - if you ask what I see in clouds, I come up with some strange associations too! )

      I wouldn't characterize it as ugly, but I'm not sure I would characterize it as attractive standing on it's own. It depends on how you will use it. One thing to think of is if you are going to use it on any printed documents (business cards, brochures, ads, etc), how will it reproduce in B&W - or will you always print in color? Or will you not use it on printed pieces at all?

      Of course, once I know what it is, I might have a different opinion. The meaning of a symbol definitely affects my reaction to it. If not very many people know what it is, then it would certainly be a conversation piece - which may be good for your business. In any case, it is unique (to me anyway) and memorable simply because of that.



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        In a word (or two)...lose it.

        Pretty, in a way, and kinda artsy, in a way, but I don't see it as it is as a logo.


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          Pixelmover, obviously it has meaning for you and is something you like -- that's the only thing that counts UNLESS you're going to use it as a logo for a paying business.

          As a business logo, my initial reaction agrees with Blackknight - lose it. As a potential customer who knows nothing about you or your business, I don't think that it grabs my attention. It's unusual, but not in a way that makes me want to find out more about you or your business. (my own humble opinion ONLY, of course)

          I'm another one of those folks who don't know what it signifies -- if your logo will be used only with people who will understand it's meaning, then maybe it's a keeper.


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            As some kind of art, I kind of like it. I love a good puzzle and can see myself spending quite a bit of time trying to figure out what the heck it is... (I have absolutely no clue).

            As a logo, I can see myself spending a lot of time trying to figure out what the heck it is. Perhaps wondering as I think, "now, if I have you do the work for me, will I have to spend a lot of time trying to figure out what the heck you did...?"

            Logos (IMHO) should say something understandable and definite, in concrete and easily remembered terms, about your business. A bit like a synopsis of a good story - a small preview of things to come.

            Is this what the future holds for your clients?


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              I don't know what it is either. But a logo, to me, should be something that makes me think of the business it represents. I think I would remember this logo. So if the name of your business fits this logo, then I think it would be successful.




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                Initial reactions (first impression):
                Looks Asian or "snake like"
                Says nothing to me about your business, or anything else really.

                Personally, I don't care for it, mainly because I can't identify it with anything that catches my interest.


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                  I held back from this thread for a while, trying to gauge other peoples reactions. I make part of my living through designing logos and the ilk. Unlike most here so far, I see nothing wrong with using it as your logo. Logo's dont have to have some meaning in relation to their product, many huge brands have logos that bear no or minimal relation to the product. Really the most important part is, does it stand out? Is it memorable? Strong abstract shapes work as well if not better. Nike, Pepsi, Cable and Wireless, I challenge you to predict their business from logo alone.

                  As to the shape you where considering, I would say this. As a base shape and form, it shows a certain promise, I would reccomend refining the shape more and in the first instances of any design, work only in black and white (think how it would look in its most basic incarnation, say as a letterhead). If it looks good in black and white, you can build upon this to add colours, depth, shading, all things that could be included where you have the chance to use rich media.

                  Heres a site that I have used before to catch the latest trends and nuances in the logo world

                  Good Luck

                  (ps, if you decide not to go with it dont use bad clip art of a brush and a monitor no matter what they tell you )


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                    As an adendum to previous comment, as a rule the simpler the shape, with as few or as clean as possible lines, the better. Your shape is a little complex, but could be modified if this doesnt run contrary to the point of it I have attached a quick example of what can be done, although it is very rough. Dont forget to use whitespace and tried and tested logo methods.
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                      Thanks for all the feedback!

                      some things I'd like to add:

                      First of all, I've been a graphic designer for 5 years before switching to the photography/Imaging field. I have a decent amount of experience in designing logos and trademarks.

                      Although I have to admit that the shape has personal value and meaning to me, the major reason for wanting to 'try' this as a logo is because I believe it is a strong shape, that has lot of potential, meaning it can be used im many different shapes/colors/settings, while still being recognizable.

                      The 'shape' I showed you is just that.. a shape. meaning it can be adapted, refined, stylized to make a 'better' logo, or even used in this way as a more 'artistic' interpretation of the logo. perhaps I should have 'distilled' the shape before showing it to you. Maybe the way in which I presented it to you biased your opinions?

                      As for it being recognizable, I personally think it doesn't have to be... As Mike correctly observed, most logos of big companies give you no clue whatsoever as to the activities of the company behind it.
                      I would even go as far as to say that logos that actually DO display the activity of the company are often considered (in the design-world) to be 'amateur-ish'

                      The trend right now seems to be to have just some 'abstract' shape that looks interesting, and just let the name of the company speak for itself.
                      The power of a logo is that it must be distinguishable, identifiable, unique.
                      As Mike stated correctly before..look at Shell, for example..they don't make shellls, do they? But the whole world knows the logo. And Coca-Cola and Microsoft..if you don't actually KNOW what these comapnies DO, you can never guess from their logo(types).
                      And I don't think anyone would say "I'm not buying gas at shell, because I don't know why they have a shell in their logo..."

                      My current' logo' is not actually a logo, but actually a 'logotype' meaning an arrangement of letters/words that is recognizable and identifiable, thus functioning as a 'logo', whereas a real logo would generally be just an image. So I wanted to add a 'real' logo to this 'logotype' to improve the corporate identity.

                      Of course, added to the logo would be my company name, which does tell you what I do (photography and Imaging). But I wanted a shape that would be strong enough to make the basis for a good logo.And that could be used on its own, without the lettering. To replace the 'ampersand' sign , which was an integral part of my logotype, and I sometimes used as a 'logo' on it's own (my previous avatar)

                      The only problem I have with the image I presented you is the problem of reproducing and scaling. I'm not sure yet I can convert it into a vector format that would have the same 'organic' feel that the one I showed you has, and can still be printed in, say., 2 spot-color offset print...(the 'standard' for letterheads, business cards, envelopes...stationary, basically). And, as Mike again correctly observed, it won't work as well on a white background. Unless i make it black...

                      But I really appreciate all the feedback. Not just from Mike, who is a designer, but from all of you. because, in the end, what 'the public' thinks of a logo is often more important than what the designer himself thinks of it. Because I am very much aware of how damaging an unattractive or bad logo can be. I've seen some very big names/products fail miserably, because the public simply didn't want to be associated with a 'stupid' name or logo, no matter how good the product is...After all, why does everybody want to wear sweaters with HUGE Tommy Hilfiger logo's on them, while 'Granny's shirt and sweater-shop' makes exactly the same quality shirts at a third of the price, but nobody would want to have THAT name chest-wide on their shirt, now do we?

                      I'll be spending countless hours re-working the logo until I come up with something satisfying, and useable, or discard it completely. But, I will keep it as an avatar, because I still think it's a cool avatar.

                      Thanks for taking the time to respond, all of you!



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                        Sorry Chris I hadnt realised I was trying to teach my gran to suck eggs - anyway you seem to have a firm grasp of the principles so I am sure that you will succeed with the right choice.

                        Best of luck and keep us updated on how this project is coming along, I would be interested to see the progression to the final result. Only if you have the inclanation, of course.


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                          After much messing around I've decided to abandon my avatar as a new logo.

                          I'm still keeping it as an avatar, though

                          The reasons I decided to abandon it:
                          - It's too 'oriental' looking. or: not 'abstract' enough
                          - By simplifying it to make a stronger logo, I actually found it became 'weaker' in appearance, it needs the 'jagged' lines and handmade look, but this is too restricting in it's use, I think..
                          - I don't like red anymore


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                            lol well thats just the way things turn out (more often than not for me) thanks for the update


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