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  • How old/young are you?

    just curious
    Teen or younger

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    .....Old enough to remember when Gay ment happy, talk radio was "The Lone Ranger" and running water was a fast trip to the well.....Tom


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      Since my age ends in a zero, I don't know in which category to vote (I'm tempted by the 'lower' of the two, however). Maybe you should redo your poll categories?

      I remember riding my bike to/from school w/o locking it for fear it would get ripped off, seeing the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show, cracking up at Red Skelton (when humor didn't depend on the "F" word), where I was when JFK was shot, Alan Shepard's first Mercury capsule ride, when you could buy a bottle of Nehi chocolate milk out of refer cooled with about 8" of circulating chilled water, Howdy Doody, Sen-Sen, when the L.A. Dodgers played in the L.A. Colosseum for two years, when '57 Chevy's weren't nearly as cool as they seem to be today (back then, they were just 'cars') and when Tops baseball cards were a nickel a package.

      Back then "bad" meant bad, not (sometimes) good like it does today.

      OK: I confess. I'm 10.



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        Older than dirt.

        I'm 64.


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          Can I say in dog years?


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            I am 44 for 4 more days then I turn 29 again. Yup, I love this new math.


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              @ DJ


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                43 (April 21, 1959)

                My first big memory is of JFK being shot and how my family parked in front of the (black & white) TV for days...

                My then teenage aunts had Beetles posters plastered on their walls, and played 45's on a little pink record player.

                The first place I remember living was called Fruitdale Holler (or "hollow" to all you who don't speak bumpkin).

                We didn't have indoor plumbing. We had a cistern, 2 pumps and an outhouse. The pump at the kitchen sink was just for washing. The drinking water came from a pump out in the yard. Living in the house were my grandparents (Mamaw & Papaw), my 2 youngest aunts, Mom, me and my sister. Saturday night was bath night. Mamaw would heat water on the stove and carry it to the basement where we had set up a galvanized tub. Baths were in order of age/importance, and Papaw always got to go first. I was next to last (my sis is younger!)

                There, my secret is out - I am a true Hillbilly!


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                  this december i will celebrate the 16th anniversary of my 39th and last birthday.


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                    I remember ice boxes, ice delivery men who gave us free slices of ice in the summer heat, kneading the bag that oleomargarine came in to make the dye spread to color the oleo, our '39 Ford that we had until 1953, reciting the Pledge of Allegiance BEFORE they inserted the words "under God", Arizona as the "baby state" of all 48 states, Studebakers, DeSotos, Kaiser-Frasiers, and lil' Nash Ramblers (all together now, sing: Hey, buddy - how can I get this car out of 2nd gear? ), the 'day the music died', saddle oxfords... But I'm having trouble remembering this morning...


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                      End of October I'll be 30... (hex )

                      Going to watch the movie of Woodstock 3x to concentrate on each of the strips and then another 3x just for fun.

                      Miniskirts (the 1st time round)


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                        'Saddle Oxfords' presumably some form of casting couch CJ ?


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                          'Saddle Oxfords' presumably some form of casting couch? -- Chris
                          Shoes, Chris. Shoes for pre-pubescent girls. So, how far back do YOU remember -- you sounded like you knew an awful lot about Hadrian's Wall...perhaps Emperor Hadrian himself?


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                            I have a couple of relatives - twin girls - that I played with as a child. They always wore Saddle Oxfords.

                            I was nearly 10 years old before I realized they weren't really called "Twin Shoes"


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                              old as dirt?

                              I remember when it was quite safe and normal to for kids to have the run of the neighborhood unattened and without fear. (well, except fear of our parent's occasional "discipline", which is now called "abuse".)

                              I remember when the Montreal Canadians hockey team was actually made up of Canadians, from Montreal.

                              I remember singing O Canabis, instead of O Canada during highschool morning anthem time .. and never getting caught.


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