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Tomatoes are in Big Time!

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  • Tomatoes are in Big Time!

    It's that time of year. Today we (okay, my wife) made 19 pints of home made salsa. But I picked the tomatoes.


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    Yup, the Attack of the Killer Tomatoes has been going on around here for a couple of weeks now. There's tomatoes on the porch, tomatoes on the kitchen counter, tomatoes in the basement...

    I'm gettin' afraid to go to sleep at night without a paring knife under my pillow...

    Funny you should mention Salsa, Ed. No more than 20 minutes ago I was discussing the need to make some this weekend and was going to try to find a recipe for canning it (we've now got enough tomato juice to float a navy...). Do you think maybe your lovely wife would possibly care to share her canning recipe??


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      Hi Jak,

      I can tell you what we put in it, but if you make it, you'll have to do the taste test while you're making it. We made some last year, and tried making it the same way, but this year we have some really hot jalapenos in the garden. Last year they weren't as hot. Do you have a cold packer canner? I don't think a pressure canner works very well for salsa. Anyhow, I'll put it on the cookbook thread tomorrow. Time for bed now. Nite.



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