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  • 9/11 Tribute

    I just got this email from my uncle (who is USAF retired). I thought it was a nice request for a simple tribute and would like to invite you all to join in. I plan on participating.

    9/11 LIGHTS ON!
    > Please join us on 9/11.....................we have over a month to get the
    > word out all across this great land we love and call the United States of
    > America. Let's see how powerful e-mail can be!
    > On Wednesday, September 11, 2002 everyone in the USA who will
    > be driving a motor vehicle is asked to drive with their headlights on
    > daylight hours.
    > Though no explanation is needed as to why we are commemorating
    > September 11.........................we hope more importantly to pay
    > to the victims of that day, show our nation's solidarity and show support
    > for our men and women of the Armed Forces.

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    I got that in my email too and sent it on to everyone I know. I would be outstanding if spread all over and it worked. Here in NY, in just a few days, everyone went to their local firehouses with candles and flowers the Friday following 9/11. If that can spread in a few days, imagine what a few weeks could bring!