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Another post about my goofy dog

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  • Another post about my goofy dog

    We came home from a doctor visit about 5:30 this evening. My dear wife failed to lock the gate when she came through it. We let Princess (our dog) out in the back yard, not knowing the gate was unlocked. If it's not locked, she pushes against it, then roams around the neighborhood for a short while. I went out to the garage, and noticed the gate wasn't locked. Princess came running around some bushes between our place and the one next door. My very wet neighbor soon followed, and told me that Princess had visited him without him knowing it, and she jumped into his in-ground pool. He just happened to be by the pool, heard a splash, and saw Princess in there. Problem was - he had a pool cover on it at the time. She got wrapped up in it, and he had to pull her out. He was soaked, but not upset. Good neighbors are a precious thing.


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    Good neighbors are a precious thing.
    Very true -- for man and dog!


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      She is so lucky he was there. Those covers are so dangerous if one falls onto them. They just wrap you up totally.

      That happened to my sister also. She had 2 dogs. One was a small white terrier maybe 10 lbs while the other was a shepard husky mix at some 80 lbs. Well, they just got their new pool and had a cover on it and Daisy (the small dog) casually stroles across the covered pool and never even gets her feet wet. Well, Timber saw that and had no reason to doubt that was anything but solid surface so she goes for a strole too. My sister and her husband both had to jump in and fish a very surprised dog out of the center of the pool totally encased in the cover.